Network promotion soft writing wise remark of an experienced person

speaking of network promotion had brought to all the owners are headache soft promotion, actually network promotion that is on the Internet for free advertising, rather than rigid advertising say people do not love yourself, see will be scoffed, and this kind of advertising is most easy to be administrator delete, network promotion personnel busy for a long time finally inevitably come to nothing, therefore, of great significance for the promotion of soft paper.

I just contact network promotion, the promotion of soft it is utterly ignorant of, then we supervisor asked me to write text, and find some soft on the Internet, in fact any ability are the need to rely on their own practice to obtain, in my own soft writing summarizes several wise remark of an experienced person here. Share with you.

1., soft writing, adhere to or rely on inspiration,

have to say, I write the soft frequency is very low, although the forum said that the predecessors saw a lot of soft paper to write, but for me, I only when the inspiration comes suddenly will begin, people will feel inspired to write on, the estimated a month can not write a word. Is right, do not want it for inspiration can come, so this requires following an experience to stimulate the inspiration.

2. by hard or soft writing ideas

a lot of people can’t find inspiration and distress, but for the day and network dealing with us, is a great source of inspiration to stimulate the network, the network is filled with all sorts of strange and eccentric daily things and news, we can find a hot event, and we will need to promote information (no matter is the promotion of the product or corporate branding) together, as long as you find the point between the two, and the text point skills plus a catchy title, then write a high quality of soft Wen is not a problem, I remember in Japan during the tsunami, we wrote a promotion the company’s products to the hair soft, such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, the weight high website community, second days to see the amount of reading are over more than 1000, although not far To the extent of the heat, but at least there are so many people watching the news at the same time you already know the company’s products.


is here to remind you to learn how to use the hot news or other cause concern for soft writing, this post to sites where a high degree of active not only is not easy to be removed will enhance trust the masses of your product.

3., soft writing to brief or long winded

soft end short sound good or a long and minute statement is good? Is not what the reader usually patiently for reading class text, if not seize the attention of readers within a few words behind, even if the content of wonderful is meaningless, so soft writing best concise language, consistent.

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