Wave no longer talk about host network need self discipline of internal strength

      the "wave no trace: to give ALFY pour cold water four to ask the host network" hooligan write immediately after criticism, caused a great disturbance, denounce the oncoming. The gesture was smooth and gingerly. Two days to consider the most question: in the end can not go up A5. Because the face of everyone questioned, my life, and even the Internet’s tour has become sad and helpless, a day seems to have been pushed to the cusp. To be fair, no trace has been the punk wave to do that as learning about his life, the Internet news, the station is very concerned about the development of our content, this is like fans, fans and so on, you say, worship or obsession are not worth mentioning, but we met on the Internet., for a long time, perhaps when the owners do not have the power, disappointment, this grassroots hero out will encourage us to keep moving forward. So, I hope that after reading this content, we can look at the problem rationally.

          one, user crowd positioning problems. First of all I do is behind the hooligan host network, even if no punk host network will also come out of Zhang San, Li Si’s fellow website, I hope to have the grassroots feelings hooligan operate projects. A question is: the host network targeting ALFY’s not clear or fuzzy to confusion. Why do you say that? This is like some webmaster at webmaster circle of accumulated experience Months and years pass by., like the waves no trace of it, if you need to purchase a space or server must have a spectrum in the heart, and then find the Internet connections, in the circle of friends brother for help. The hooligan operation gave me the feeling that the host network into a dead end, that is to ignore the crowd positioning and abnormal pay attention to quality, reputation, what this card that card. Crowd positioning error, will make a website into the misunderstanding, can not become the focus. With what way let elementary stationmaster or even novice stationmaster understand host network? With what convincing proof that the host network is affordable and excellent quality?

       ;     two, the purpose of the website is not clear enough. The purpose of Taobao is very clear, we can find out on the Internet to see, feel, buyers buy, I also have spectrum and constraints. The host B2C ALFY proposed is not suitable for the use of this site, after all, customer service is the same which Months and years pass by. things, also involves the server property, smaller details such as how people buy server mail, will not damage and so on, these will form a question mark in the webmaster in mind. Host online shopping is how to do the latter quality assurance, how to ensure the responsibility, and so on related matters? I prefer the intermediary model of King Wang, although it is too modern, but after all, it is from the king of the map to come forward, the problem can find the Lord’s feeling.

        three; home page layout >

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