Teach you to completely settle forums automatic registration advertising and other spam informatio

I believe that all the webmaster

in recent 2 years are all kinds of junk information miserable overnight suddenly out of a variety of thousands of random combinations account, one day forum of nearly 1000 spam, got normal users are not willing to play.

now specifically for the discuz forum to explain the forum program of various authentication mechanisms are on the verification code, verification, registration ask how long after posting, no registration must be used to validate the number of posted above don’t ask questions and answers, users need to verify the required column customization, custom UC background settings specific email the domain name registration registration not set. But probably most useless, all can be compromised. And I believe that a lot of people go to the official forum search for several days, the obtained solution is nothing but these, so I give you advice: first is the new task, but it will greatly reduce the user experience, is very troublesome. Because you may lose a lot of user experience, unless your forum is very high popularity.

started her own, I want to ask and set the registration verification since the required custom column customization is a breakthrough, it must be registered users of the machine is staring at you in the forum to modify the parameters, verify the answer even if you customize the hundreds, are limited, not to mention the custom required. It is only in a completely random things work. But only the verification code is random, verification code why can be broken? Must be recognized by the OCR, the GIF discuz fall, it must be the default font image thoroughly studied, so a set of OCR verification code can be easily. Carefully to see the background verification code options, there is a "random TTF font", ha ha, is not it? Did not pay attention! Open it, then upload your computer in the windows/fonts directory to the images/fonts/en directory English sets the font (font number can be better), then the random slope open haha, the world completely clean, 5 days of continuous testing, and turn off the answering verification and other supplementary measures, without any machine to send advertising.

principle: posting machine for DZ default font verification code to do OCR, but he does not have the ability to identify all the fonts, so you upload more special fonts better, more close to the handwriting better, plus tilt, silly ocr. The premise, of course, is that the user is able to recognize the naked eye. Let the post spam machine, go to hell! I feel it will give effect to

added: Although the machine registered effectively, but the manual registration by machine after posting to the background -> need the following code set; -> enable verification code -> keynote and reply, hook on the following post verification code restrictions: fill in 1, even if the manual registration, issued the first post also need time the verification code, so advertising also need to use hand > after posting posting machine

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