The annual income break million mark E Chu network how to do

in the afternoon of September 13th, Nanjing was rainy. In the negative on the first floor of a cafe, Nanjing and Nanjing surrounding areas of local entrepreneurs, developers, micro community Adsense, discuz webmaster gathered together, came a dry dry full of "micro community" webmaster sharon".

talk about the topic. Micro community salon NanJing Railway Station has five main links, namely, micro community operation book, micro business model introduction, Adsense dry sharing, Nanjing local ecological analysis of entrepreneurship, as well as Tencent cloud policy introduced. Here let Xiaobian one by one.

a, micro community how to play? Talk about the operation of mobile communities Fuji

why do some micro community interest only, and some micro community visits directly break billion? Why do some webmaster suffer from micro community pull users, and some owners with "local mother hurt their own daughter condemned the post from the circle of friends and other social channels easily receiving tens of thousands of


micro Community Manager Xia Hefei served as the link to share according to the guests, he said: "there are currently more than 5 million public accounts, but the top part of the success of operation of Pyramid only, through community interaction can greatly the number of public fill."

, Zhang Shanfeng, a business manager from the micro community, shared the best book on how to successfully run a micro community. The essence is at three: quasi, fine, and hi. Accurate, accurate positioning of the user; fine, that is, exquisite content, push content to match the interests of people in the community; Hi, that is, to move people in the community."

two, micro communities how to make money? Talk about how to increase traffic and realize those things

for more than 10 years, Discuz has accumulated 2 million community sites and nearly 200 million community web users. The same is Discuz, the team, the development of micro communities in just 10 months time, has accumulated more than 100 thousand mobile community sites, as well as 20 million of mobile Internet users. For this growth rate, I can only use my group to express the surprise of Xiao bian.

this shows two things: on the one hand, the development of mobile Internet many times faster than the PC Internet; on the other hand, some micro community site has accumulated enough users and popularity, with the realization of commercial conditions.

micro community business exploration direction, mainly to do two connections, one is to connect the local webmaster and local businesses, and the two is to connect the local webmaster and developer through the application center.

first look at the first connection. Webmaster can take their micro community as local local micro portal, access to business WeChat public number, can also take over the public number of business directly, for them to do operation and marketing. The nature of the business model has not changed, and it is still advertising. But the previous hard and broad model does not work in the mobile Internet model, and businesses increasingly value marketing results

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