Be optimistic and refuse to admit defeat

website, there must be an optimistic, indomitable spirit, the end of the line, and encountered a little difficult to retreat, afraid that this will never be successful.

actually, I feel many things in this world, if you want to do, can do, the difficulty, but also can overcome, not what the iron will, but do not need what skills and strategies. As long as one is simple and interesting life, he will find that the creator of the world. Arrangements are ripe. It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. Many people began to do stand when there are a lot of ideas, but is hesitant, do not know from the start, from the start. What finally missed a good time. If you want to what do you need to take action, in order to target at all costs. Until success. Remember to go to school when the teacher told a story. The two frogs in the foraging, accidentally fell into a roadside Milk cans, milk cans, and a small amount of milk, but enough to let the frogs experience what is called "drowned.


," said one frog, "it’s all over. It’s all over. A milk jug of such a high height. I’ll never go out.". So it soon sank. The other frog did not let himself down when he saw his companion sink into the milk. Instead, I kept telling myself, "God gave me a strong will and developed muscles, and I can jump out."."

it is full of courage, strength, and rise and jump again and again the power and beauty of life unfold in every fight and struggle. Not knowing how long it was, he suddenly noticed that the thick milk had become firm underfoot. Originally, its repeated trampling and beating, has turned the liquid milk into a piece of cheese, unremitting struggle and struggle, finally bought the moment of freedom. He jumped out of the milk jug and went back to the green pond, and the sinking frog stayed in the cheese like that. He never dreamed that he would have a chance to escape from the danger.

so the spirit of optimism is actually the most precious character in life, and this spirit shows its value only when it is difficult. It is a kind of power only in truly desperate every child, strong people to find. Ordinary people are not always optimistic because people doubt what they believe, and this suspicion can sometimes be fatal. To be optimistic, one must first believe in believing in something good and positive in life. At the same time, people should project their eyes on the positive side of things, even if they have a positive understanding of negative things. Only by doing that can you always be optimistic. If the webmaster friends can have this kind of spirit, the will. I believe that success will come quickly. This station as I like. I will treat him as a part of my life, by doing it, not to success never give up.

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