t doesn’t matter if you don’t know RSS hosting your website for free RSS

Now many

website can see RSS subscription sign, many owners actually do not know what is RSS, RSS what, just jumping on the bandwagon plus the fact that the function of tokenism, like chicken ribs.

we can not care about the detailed history and principles of RSS, but it is important to understand what RSS can do. For those unfamiliar with RSS, Lee recommends the RSS hosting service offered by Feedsky.


Feedsky is a professional provider of RSS processing, sharing and management of hosting services. Through Feedsky, the webmaster can easily handle the website RSS function.

opens the Feedsky home page to sign up for an account and, after landing, goes to my "Feed"" page, and clicks "add new Feed",


according to the prompt, enter the RSS address (Feed) or QQ number. If it is managed blog Feed, here you can only fill in the blog address, Feedsky will automatically get the real Feed address; if you are hosting web site Feed, you need to enter your own column Feed address, usually XML document. The next step is to set up a Feed after you have set up the relevant information.

choice "in the management of the background Feed issued", select the most common Feed browser subscription icon, Feedsky will automatically generate subscription code, this code is copied to your blog, web page, Feed trust also basically ended.


Feedsky powerful background

in the future, the webmaster can through the statistics provided by Feedsky to understand their blog, website RSS subscriptions, subscription source and so on data, very convenient.

Feedsky also offers services such as domain name binding, ad collaboration, and so on.

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