Know about eleven kinds of profit model of Chinese nternet


profit model one: online advertising

the most common online profit model, the better is the largest portal (Sina, Sohu), including industry portal, but also the most personal website profit pattern, rely on others advertising.

‘s new and emerging online short video site broadcasts the advertiser’s online ads (Youku, potatoes, etc.) via the wait time before and after the video is loaded.

profit model two: CRBT, MMS download, SMS transmission and other value-added telecom form

One of the most crazy Internet profit model

, almost every entry into the global top one hundred thousand commercial websites and personal websites are to obtain economic returns by SP, due to sp received China Mobile and other operators, some of the decline in profitability, the model based on the market capitalization of listed companies has shrunk.

profit model three: product trading website

A. sells other people’s products (C2C and B2C) via the website, such as Taobao (C2C),


B. sells its own products (including B2C) via the web site,

profit model four: provide unique resources, members of the service provided by the proceeds (individuals feel that this will be developed)

this model represents the Alibaba (the model of B2B in China)

profit model five: online game operators, virtual equipment and props trading,

stands for: NetEase, Shanda

profit model six: search competition row, product investment, classification, URL and information integration, pay recommendations and pumping into profitable

stands for: Baidu, Hao123 and

profit model seven: advertising agency

advertising alliance websites earn profits by selling ads to advertisers and webmasters,

profit model eight: enterprise information service

A. helps companies build, maintain and promote websites

B. sells

products for major companies

C. network infrastructure provides

D. network marketing planning and search engine optimization professional consultant company

profit model nine: financing

Web2.0 website is generally user manufacturing content, with community activity, will naturally attract VC vision, but the final attribution should be Google, Microsoft and other giants acquisition.

profit model ten: the establishment of member databases for enterprises to provide accurate marketing services


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