Why invest millions of operating websites only for a year

I think writing articles and writing some personal experiences will be more reliable. Why do you say that? Because it feels real. Said he had experienced what is actually the memories, but I did not write his memoirs of the habit, but I still hope to be able to invest millions of websites operated this thing with my current thinking to analyze and share this website why

operation failed!

mistook the boss for a manager,

I went into the online company in 2012 September, and the interview went well. A technical director and a director of a job interview I, at that time not many interview questions, now remember, only remember the director of operations at that time see in my resume, again asked me: your name is Feng Dongyang? Then asked me: what is the the most important SEO? I was the answer seems to be the user experience and website jump out rate. Finally, the boss came out and asked me a few words, now vaguely remember, he asked me how many chains I could release every day. I didn’t think twice, more than 100,


impressed me most, when the technical director asked me, "which boss do you see?" I looked around the room, but regarded the director of operations as the boss. I smile said, should be the boss? Unexpectedly awkward technical director pointed me a young man sitting opposite me, said he is young, because he looks at my age, but 25 year old



site functionality is not perfect, the team has begun to take shape,

when I was in the company, I saw about more than 20 employees. Sales staff accounted for seven or eight. The technology department has two optimizations, two artists, a technical director, an operations director, and an editor. Plus the front desk, the finance staff. It’s about 20. For the operation of a fledgling industry website that is not small! The most important thing is to see the scale of the company, entered it, than that in the general community dwelling inside the small network company for much! The whole office is about 500 square meters of


has been operating for 2 months, and the site has been a problem,

we operate a local talent website, then the site’s various functional modules, the operation of this piece has been planned, including the future profit model. The boss is confident of the operation and confident of himself. It is said that before the boss is doing from sales, before the investigation is a long time to decide to do operations personnel website! He think this is promising, because at that time, several local talent websites have been signs of a decadent!

when I first started, I was doing the work of writing the original pseudo article out of the chain, like many hard pressed SEO. So adhere to two months, the good thing is Google PR value rose to 2. The bad thing is, Baidu weight is still 1, ranking still stalled! Flow less !

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