Stationmaster wants to do station want low key profit need low key more

life low-key, do station more low-key, make money or low-key, in this society gun dozen bird, so this article mainly write some of my experience, will not bring any soft Wen nature.

in the 02 years after beginning to get involved in the Internet, is nothing more than a minor, for their own interests to do some station, pure public welfare, without any income, inability to understand, so I missed the Wangzhuan, SP in the world, also missed the GG era is gold everywhere. Stupid to do enterprise web site to make money, think really regret, do a website to toss the live for several years, the good times will make a ten thousand or twenty thousand, if you focus on your own website, it should also have a little money.

in 07 years began to position themselves as the webmaster, has just started to do flow station, it is QQ, it is entertainment, toss not light, not earn money, then started to analyze the social reality, to make money, the Internet also put money, choose the industry and choose a wife of a truth, and analysis of some industries is a lucrative industry, and then analysis the industry profits and those suitable for network promotion, then choose a branch of the medical industry, there are two reasons: first, the two industry profits, the industry can not be publicized on ordinary media. After choosing a CMS, the site was built. Taking into account the SEO, the entire site is CSS+DIV, the whole framework of no more than three, especially on long tail keywords is optimized, but made a mistake, know the operation of 2 months after the discovery, the main keyword ratio of more than 8%, is to give everyone a reminder, in later modified in control after 7.8%, Baidu ranked straight up, finally stabilized in the top three, because belongs to a branch of the medical industry, so not every IP, which is 1000-2000, before entering the station after three, spring coming, there have been hospitals and drug makers call advertising consulting, of course, is the most original, monthly, at least. This site is currently advertising and GG monthly income mainly depends on income, but not much, a month can be stabilized at around 6000, then tasted the sweetness, and other industries registered a series of domain name, but also my friends recommended to do when the station first do market research, marketing channels in some industries is very limited and they can’t do advertising on TV and newspaper media, but these industries are also very rich, and want to expand market share, so the Internet is a very good choice.

some friends may also choose the industry website, such as engineering machinery, but the classification is too big, too busy, and the income is limited, why don’t you do to shrink the front, one of the branches, of course, do many methods for machinery, I do not recommend what like B2B, unless you particularly strong, and financial backing, otherwise don’t play to mechanical I figured out a way of thinking, is to sell the product of the industry, to collect all the information on the website, contact only you, if someone need to buy, you must pass, then you talk about > and manufacturers

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