Young entrepreneurs need to maintain a state of mind

young entrepreneurs need to maintain a state of mind? People are talking about the young entrepreneurs have a superior entrepreneurial market, the entrepreneurial mentality for us, has the greatest influence, so young, although it is capital but also need to pay attention to the mentality of maintaining.

"failure than success, so in preparing at the same time, more important is to prepare for the failure. If you are not prepared for failure, I suggest that we should not venture." In the exchange of experience and entrepreneurship Summit on Global Entrepreneurship Week held before Chinese college, Shanghai Fosun High Tech Co. Ltd chairman Guo Guangchang as a 1992 start "from the people", recalled his own business when sour, sweet, bitter, hot young entrepreneurs, the first to have poured cold".

known as the "College Tutor" and "entrepreneurship" Li Kaifu is poured a pot of cold water, he bluntly, very worried about young people when not ready, leading venture out early. In particular, college students, college students enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is very good, but the dream of their graduation can become the next Ma Huateng, which in most cases is unrealistic."

so, Li Kaifu suggested that students, after graduation to join a start-up company. "Give yourself time to learn. When you graduated from college, you were 22 years old. If you were 25 or older, you could go out and start a business, but you are still very young. You don’t need to be at the age of 28."

"really can persist and entrepreneurs need perseverance. In the middle you will be tired, will also be tempted, when your friends around, especially peers earn money, you can easily be tempted to say that I should not do this thing. The key is whether you can hold on." Founder, chairman and chief executive of Analysys International Group

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