Me and my little game fans club

network this thing is really wonderful, after 05 years of contact with the network, fell in love with the Internet this thing. Just as you and your loved ones are so close and understanding.

chose the Internet industry is just a hobby, because I think you only love you for this occupation will lacking beginning and end your dream to continue learning and enterprising.

my IT career has 5 years, has been to customer friend design, planning website blueprint, but he neglected himself, also should have a small garden, tired when he will have a rest of the harbor.

bustling about a few years time, program design, they are going to understand learning, at least they will not be eliminated finally it in his girlfriend’s encouragement spent time frame for more than a month out of the general layout and style, the final positioning in the game to the circle of development and operation, selection of small game website the main and to their children and friends have a place to go. After all, the network is too developed now, what websites have content, a few days ago, friends of children playing online games, not in the Trojan virus, specifically not to go to install antivirus software.

chose the direction I registered as the game site domain name means the game I love, for the site name fans game club, here I observed a small game in the search volume is actually amazing hot key word class. The domestic game companies also have small occupation Cheetos like 7k7k professional game companies are also doing this kind of website, even 17173 websites have the exclusive game plate, visible demand game is still very impressive. As for the profit point, it is purely a public welfare website, profitable and unprofitable, that is, it doesn’t matter.

throughout the game game player to white-collar workers and children are so some modules tend to safety, basic action, sports, puzzle, shooting, comedy, adventure, chess, agile, comprehensive, leisure class, character class, simulation class and double game. Remove the adult game click on the very high, because the number of access is noncommercial websites without a lot of traffic also support not too much, the most important is to society and responsible for their own adult games are generally foreign or domestic game station small yellow game long translation is not suitable for children continuous children play, but to change game and casual game to increase the search efforts. The whole site focuses on entertainment.

After the

positioning and the frame building began to select the program, in order to maintain convenient selection using the CMS as a matrix game program, for the selection of CMS really spent a few days time, ASP, PHP, finally I chose PHP CMS as the development object, problems appeared PHP there are 8 in the domestic CMS, 9 of which one easy to manage, easy to experience, faster.

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