The serious damage of the information collection to the website

many sites in the first operation because of the time and manpower constraints, in order to make the website plump up, have to gather information from other sites, common techniques are reproduced (indicating the link), pure collection, pseudo original failure. The information collected enables web site operators to quickly update sites to enhance Baidu’s friendliness and snapshot update time.

, but many new webmaster, or operation personnel, or supervisor ignore Baidu wisdom, blindly pursue fast, use the collection of information, make the website included or ranking get short time promotion. The consequences are very serious, the first beginning website spoofing Baidu, receive the upgrade and ranking, the end result is that Baidu will completely recover, even by the K; Baidu second: evaluation of a new site is one to three months, the period has been collecting information a large number of Web site collected from high to low, if within three months does not change the practice, Baidu is not polite.

website does not collect information, especially some new forums. Because of the large capacity of the forum and the accumulation of data in the early stage, it is impossible to do so without information collection. For the new website and new forum, here I put forward two feasible suggestions.

first, for new sites (non forum, community class), should try to avoid the collection of information, focus on originality and depth of pseudo original, original and depth pseudo original, updated daily 2~5 article is appropriate. The depth of the pseudo original approach is best done based on a few articles, but not for an article of tinkering.

second, for forums or community websites, it is inevitable to collect useful information and information in the early days. After each block has 3 pages of information and information, it is time to start thinking about writing original information. The original information forum and community websites writing than other sites to write more, because the forum is free to comment on the forum, for grammar, words, styles, rules, etc. the news is not much, so at this point, the forum of the original article writing is relatively easy.

this time, whether the update speed of forum or other types of sites will drop down, this time many webmaster or boss is anxious to start: Hey, how to update before it, is not lazy? This time, the author shows an idea, a website is good or bad, a lot of when in addition to open the site surface (such as architecture, design, content updates etc.), more important is to see the site inside the data. The importance of data, for full-time web site promotion is not new, especially SEO promotion, etc., the website data is not only the tool used in the work time accident, but also the important reference data of the work quality assessment. For the promotion and website operators, the surface of god horse is cloud, data is the most real.

some webmasters have several websites in their hands that need to be updated and maintained. Perhaps they will

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