How to build the layout of the special station

the layout of the station we want to do is not usually the layout of the chain inside the station, but another kind of special layout inside the station. This kind of thematic layout can be used to obtain the flow of long tail words later, so we call transcendence optimization. Topic page ranking can intercept long tail keywords all traffic, the production of special topic has the following points:

one, thematic directory using key Pinyin, such as I want to make a long tail on the topic, then directory path using /changwei/ or /changweici/. Note that the spelling here can not be greater than three, the best two words of Pinyin is good, because it is too long for users to understand the meaning. Topics must be through the screening of keywords, you can not arbitrarily named. For example, long tail word, in the chain, outside the chain such search results of the word, no index or not commonly used words, not suitable as thematic keywords. The reason is that a small amount of search, it makes no sense. However, we can not use the "long tail word" how to dig "inside" "digging", can not constitute a concept.

two, analysis of keyword requirements. What are the requirements of the users who search for this keyword? We should all meet these requirements. For example, search Boer goat users want to know the price of Boer goat, Boer goat pictures, Boer goat breeding techniques, Boer goat breeding video. The contents of the Boer goat must appear on our topic page. If you are doing a blog class topic to a keyword mining of other technologies, such as long term demand is the long tail word mining and other tools, the long tail word long tail word is what, the long tail word long tail word query optimization, etc.. We have all these articles in our aggregation page. These articles must also be our own processing, value-added articles, in other articles, we can not see the content.

it’s not enough to have an article, and we’ll have to think about all of these techniques, and then make a topological graph. The illustration on the feature page makes all the articles a system, and then the user has to read second articles after reading an article.

three, message discussion section. If there is a discussion of the needs of keywords, such as sheep technology. Search the word in the home page has Baidu stick, so we can call the content of Baidu post to the topic or call our own forum discussion. You can also make a message discussion section on the topic page, and the message edit box is as simple as possible. You only need the user name and the message content.

four, promotion topics, and do the chain. Our topic is placed in the two column, most of the time the weight is relatively low, included more slowly. At this time we need to do a chain for the topic, or you can do links to the topic page, you can also use our platform blog to promote the topic. These promotion role is relatively small, so also for soft Wen and QQ group promotion, let the user click to visit our topic.

summary: the topic page is one of the sites

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