Beida Jade Bird teacher’s Reflections on Li Xingping

himself is a professor of software development technology of Beida Jade Bird Chongqing hi tech center. After looking at Li Xingping’s hao123 success stories, he thought a lot. Because of such a website, my students are able to imitate the site in less than a day, and it is more beautiful than him. Because the site does not have a bit of technical content, but it is such a website, Baidu acquisition, he spent 50 million plus shares. So I think of the value of the site is not how high the technology of this site, but this site has adhered to the vast number of low-level Internet users to serve. I used to lead a student to a station I thought of myself. Is to put all of Chongqing’s culture together, want to put all of Chongqing’s special snack shop network. When the program is ready, a big problem is found. How do they explore it?. A large number of marketing personnel are needed. The operation cost is not generally large, had to give up. In contrast, hao123, maintenance is simple, the operation of thinking is very clear. Today, I compare hao123, think of two types of sites, in the Internet or blank.

is the first I want to make a sense of technical interest in the IT industry groups make a stand, this part of the people since I IT engaged in the occupation education, I found that most of these people are students graduating from high school, followed by college students. How to provide a platform for the service of this part of the population?. They don’t need to know very advanced technical knowledge, such as and so on. But provide them with advice, develop their interest in IT, engage in interesting programming languages, and slowly guide them into the IT industry. For example, if you exercise their logical thinking ability, you can use the C language, or Java language, does not involve the object oriented part. It is best for them to be interested in HTML, a professor who specializes in commercial web pages. Some database knowledge, and so on. In so doing, the goal is clear. And professional web site for programmers is not the same. Professional topics, interesting content. There are still prospects for doing so. At least all of the IT training institutions offer more than 400 thousand of the students.

second is to do a style like hao123 website, but the content is not site navigation. Is the hottest information for all popular websites. Such as

Taobao sells the top 10 commodities every day, Baidu mall, the top 10 products every day, the hottest stores and so on. And a little more detailed. What brand is the hottest selling shirt?. The website classifies according to the website, what link is included most?. According to the technical implementation is easy, because each site’s home page is dynamic, and the client (IE) see is HTML code, because the web site can enumerate, such as I want to find Taobao hot top10

on the analysis of the Taobao home page HTML structure, the contents of TOP10 tags grabbed down, as long as the connection, stored in the database. Background >

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