A housewife makes money by working as a nurseTaobao and you 100 thousand Taobao

puts the goods in Taobao shop, and gives the promotion to thousands of "human flesh marketing forces", which has become an efficient choice for current online retailers.

and Taobao, your cooperation is similar, just a few days ago, Thousand Oaks also started cooperation with elong.


consumers to click to buy, after closing businesses pay commissions — "Taobao customer promotion" unique "according to the new mode of payment transactions, for businesses, can make the traditional" pay per click "promotion" or click on the "trick to hide, can greatly improve the accuracy of advertising advertising model, to avoid the traditional" I know that half of the waste of advertising, but do not know which half waste "dilemma.

Two days before

e-commerce expert Jing Linbo told the economic times China, Taobao cooperation with you to the other vertical sites a revelation, enrich the vertical sites profit means, and may become a model for the field of Internet industry integration, create a different edge value.

Jing Linbo believes that many Web2.0 site users, both active and fashionable, but also the fashion category, IT products, consumer direct consumer category, which is the "Taobao customer promotion" an important goal. "Jiuyou offers users a platform of Taobao customer promotion", can provide an online market place and entrepreneurial opportunities for their millions of users. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Xu Weijing is Hebei Baoding people, in the former occupation Witkey, she had opened a store to help others from the name, the names for their children to the company, the product name, Everything is contained therein. already very familiar with the business. Later, as the two children needed to be taken care of, she had to close the shop and become a housewife.

for a period of time, she was very boring, in addition to taking care of the children, did not feel the value of their own things to do, don’t kill? A chance, Xu Weijing know the pig website, through a careful understanding, that can make money online, but also authentic. So, she registered members, began formal career Witkey career.

October 2008, Xu Weijing received a name for Curtis baby naming task, this is her eighty-second mission, she participated in the task has not been successful, but she has always insisted, Kung Fu people believe. After the baby’s name Curtis surname requires careful analysis, she thought of a five line and the number of strokes has a good name, and submitting the manuscript, a few days later, Xu won the bid, it was the first time she bid, get 87 yuan, "the money is not much, but I am happy for a few days. After all first recognized."

service and perseverance of the spirit, the final has been recognized by customers, up to now, a total of 491 Xu Wei Ching tender, bid 108 times, the highest bonus is a help a restaurant named, earned 800 yuan, a minimum of only 0.8 yuan.

today announced that it will carry out strategic cooperation with interactive entertainment community Jiuyou new network marketing model, the depth of excavation, and on the basis of "Taobao paid off promotion", the goal is to create a 100 thousand "Taobao" employment opportunities for the society. This is Taobao’s first opening to the outside world "Taobao guest promotion" platform. Through the platform, any Internet users can help Taobao network sales of goods, and earn commissions.

31 year old Xu Weijing is now the mother of two children, she began in 2007, on the "pig eight quit" online career Witkey, while caring for children, while living online to earn money. So far, she has earned 2400 yuan, only in April this year, the income of 1300 yuan. She said, although not much money, but through the Internet to live can meet their own hobbies, but also parents ancestral culture, free time, "very love, hope do Witkey have small friends to use their own ideas name all over the country.

!She sat on the first

now, Xu Weijing as a professional Witkey, the winning rate continues to rise, only in April earned more than 1300 yuan, "although the income is not set up shop, but enjoy."." Talking about his winning skills, Xu Weijing says modestly, actively communicate with customers, patiently listen to the client, to devote to each task, sincerely touched by customers, these are the key to win the final victory.

has won the first bid and has a hundredfold confidence in the task. Xu Weijing thought of her participation in the task scene, both happy and sad, she said, because the child is still small, only crowded time to participate in the task, often children crying, while in time for delivery. Even if the child cries, also must put the customer forever in the first place,

Taobao expects 1 to 2 years, the business participation in the crowd will be more than 1 million. Your director of advertising and business center Zhang Di said, hope that through this cooperation, in the depressed economic environment, providing 100 thousand jobs for the society.

, Xu Weijing set himself a goal: "let’s!"

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