Li Jianxi a generation of chaebol runs the Samsung 27 only the first to survive Special 6 rooms fa

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, however, graduated from Li Jianxi high school and was admitted to Yonsei University after an excellent performance

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grandma brought up childhood

Li Jianxi in charge of Samsung’s 27 brutal logic: only the first to survive.

Li Jianxi and his father have studied in Japan, entrepreneurship also in Japan as a teacher.

, he founded the Samsung Group, which has a market capitalisation equivalent to 30% of the Korean stock market. Li Jianxi in South Korea, Li Jiacheng in Hongkong, Wang Yongqing in Taiwan also cannot match.

before the first day, Li Jianxi to his father put forward a strong urge to return home to study, and his father made concessions, Li Jianxi returned home.

, he is known as the "Korean economy", "President", Samsung’s "God", "Billionaires" list of "regulars."". Some people describe him refuse to change, deceit and collusion between the company, does not prevent him after a presidential pardon to change danger into safety. He seems to have won the favor of God, but the family infighting, the disaster again and again.

in Japan, the financial capital group is associated with the feudal family ties, called the chaebol.

now Samsung style is increasingly unlike Japan, has long gone beyond "teacher."". The Li Jianxi family still lays down a deep "chaebol" brand.

‘s "chaebol" business has earned hundreds of millions of fortunes for Samsung and the Li Jianxi family and a deep relationship with the three generation of the Korean government.

, but in the grandmother’s meticulous care and care, Li Jianxi also felt the happiness of childhood. But when Li Jianxi finished grade five, his father forced him to study in japan. Due to frequent transfer to Japan, Li Jianxi made friends very difficult, feel lonely, watching movies to spend their spare time.

the power of wealth, but lead brother, Li Jianxi lost her daughter.

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because of his busy career to take care of, and during the war, social unrest, as brothers and sisters in seven, Li Jianxi shortly after birth was sent to grandma’s home support. Here, Li Jianxi, who was a child, heard the most about her grandmother telling her story of Li Bingzhe’s hard work.

Although not in the parents of

the last century at the end of 30s, the father of Li Jianxi Li Bingzhe in 30 thousand won investment to set up a "Samsung chamber of Commerce", the first chamber of commerce is mainly engaged in dried fish, vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products export business, Li Bingzhe soon opened a flour mill and sugar factory, and later involved in the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics, communications and other fields at that time, but also become SONY, Matsushita and other Japanese companies supporting processors, once a year to make 6 billion won, known as the "entrepreneurial genius".

feel lonely studying abroad life

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