Making money online requires ten major stepsLNE growth story flying and worries behind the 100 mill

last December, LINE entered the Chinese, also announced as part of operation data in July last year: the amount of information LINE every day to send up to 100 million; Japan’s intelligent mobile phone users using LINE 44% maps; two months on-line store sales amounted to 350 million yen $3 million 800 thousand.

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two unique Cheats: free voice calls + map

, Japan’s version of WeChat, LINE, announced Wednesday that its global customer presence has exceeded 100 million in the last two years. The first mobile IM application for earthquake relief and health, is one of the fast growth for the most popular mobile phone software, WhatsApp, WeChat and Kakao meet as equals with rivals such as Talk.

growth speed is the most proud place for LINE team. It won 20 million users in just 9 months, not only far from the Japanese social network Mixi 73 months, but also more than Facebook 28 months and Twitter 26 months. Behind the explosive growth of the LINE, what are the unique cheats?

currently has a major LINE user base in Japan, but it was developed by NHN Naver, South Korea’s largest search engine. With Korean descent, but famous in Japan, which is closely related to the birth of LINE background.

LINE in Japan and the global market siege, relying on two weapons: free voice calls, as well as rich and humorous personality map.


, the Japanese version of WeChat, LINE is rapidly growing into one of the most popular mobile phone software. Two years to obtain one hundred million users, "Japanese version of WeChat" LINE is still flying, but worries have begun to appear.

in March 2011, Eastern Japan suffered severe earthquake and tsunami disasters. The disaster destroyed a large number of communications infrastructure, and despite the availability of mobile networks in Japan, the quality of service has been compromised. At the same time, the Internet has suffered relatively little damage. As a result, NHN Naver Japan branch developed LINE, providing another option outside the telecommunications network.

LINE was originally designed to facilitate contact with disaster victims, so the basic voice chat feature highlighted the free voice chat feature. Since its launch in June 2011, it has received a warm welcome from the Japanese people. In October of the same year, the amount of LINE users approached 4 million; in December it exceeded 10 million; in February of the following year, it exceeded 20 million, and exceeded 30 million in April. Today, this figure has reached 100 million.

two years, the user volume exceeded 100 million

first step: for a support bank card online banking such as ICBC Peony Money Link and open online banking functions the operating room can be opened, after the opening of the industrial staff will teach you how to use

second step: deposit a certain amount of money on the card

third steps: registering a network electronic currency bank hereinafter referred to as online banking, such as E-gold, moneybooker in the network bank

The fourth step:

fifth step: enter their network currency exchange center account under orders, and use of online bank card transfer to the exchange center account, exchange network currency E-gold, moneybooker etc.

sixth step: find and register a you think appropriate Wangzhuan site note that online banking ID number must fill in the correct

seventh step: enter your registered Wangzhuan account upgrade your account of course you can not upgrade, but do make money to a long time

eighth step: start making money such as surfing Wangzhuan is every day until you get to the lowest point of surfing the money so far, until the minimum payment.

ninth step: apply for payment some sites are automatic payments, need not apply

twelfth step: to withdraw money from the bank card consumption

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