How do earn 5000 a new way of higherChinese click Wangzhuan money fast

web site to make money, make money advertising, the 2006 Taobao looked so hot, and the advent of the era of e-commerce, many students, workers, leisurely people have joined the industry, a lot of people do not have their own commodity purchase channels, the time.

until freshman year, maybe money is not enough, occasionally I think of selling software to make money. A lot of free software are after the break and then sold to others, then one can earn one hundred or two hundred dollars, of course is more useful, for example, some Internet cafes crack tools and so on, remember, don’t know what is called "financial management", so the money is wasted and the light, then see many of the external websites, do game plug-in. 05, online advertising is more mature. Feel that the plug-in site should have a lot of traffic, you can earn some advertising fees, then I was relatively unfamiliar with the site, what ASP, PHP,.NET, JSP, and so on. But I understand the server, understand the principles of the site, and slowly through their own efforts, but also to start their own a small site. But very unhappy, really with those professional sites can not row, and occasionally let me think that there may be a whole set of systems, just in sh419 search site management system, it used the new cloud source code. That year, advertising earned little, but also made me understand the game plug-in, I began to act as an agent plug-in industry. At that time, the plug-in industry has been very mature, and I may be a little late into the line, but there is still some money earned. plug-in industry belongs to the official illegal sales behavior, and the above crack software and so on are illegal, so I hope you do not do good

. Some Wangzhuan station in order to attract members of the increasing traffic, will be held some activities, this activity provides certain conditions for making friends earn more money. Happy English, such as Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, earn 365, will release 100 Hakka Wangzhuan 5 Penny advertising value, usually on the website or exchange group announced the release time, this should grab a bit like Taobao’s "wonderful kill". Some websites will release some VIP member activities at a specific time, and have the opportunity to become a free VIP member, and your income will be greatly increased. Also pay attention to some major holidays, the general website will be active.


4, take part in activities to pull down the assembly line. This is the main source of income for uncle mao. The amount of referrals determines your income. General web sites have activities to pull out of the assembly line. Happy stroll, from the beginning of the station has been doing pull down line activities, reward the top twenty, ranging from 10 yuan to 0.5 yuan. Net >

I graduated from a university in 2008. This is a different year. Why do you say that this year’s earthquake in Sichuan, Wenchuan, caused the whole nation to sink into grief?. However, this is the first time China held the Olympic Games, but also makes people proud! However, before long, the worst global economic storm also staged a. We graduated this year.

3, to participate in the website of the award live. Now the main source of income Chinese click Wangzhuan station is registered to make money. Web sites generally offer simple, easy to sign up programs, which offer rewards ranging from a few minutes to completing a registration task. Such as happiness, around zero point one as long as the completion of the registration task in addition to Wangzhuan related awards, one yuan cash reward.

rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan has been committed to the research and promotion of Chinese click Wangzhuan, the beginner trustworthy good teachers and helpful friends. Because of the particularity of Chinese click Wangzhuan, basically belongs to toil live, and many times is a thankless, make friends do not receive money or very little income. How to improve the click Wangzhuan income, is a question worthy of thinking, rich uncle Mao now for many years Wangzhuan experience written for members reference, hope to have a help to the beginner.

graduated, and perhaps many people, new social students, more is to enter their own professional, engaged in their own work, and I also started their own work, I read the logistics management professional. I started as a salesman in a logistics company. May see the article you will ask me not to say that you mentioned how the logistics Wangzhuan?. Then listen to me carefully. My first year at the beginning of the network, understand the network, then 1999, Tencent just opened a year. At that time, even the last net is so expensive, dial-up Internet access, 8 hours an hour, many people simply can not afford this price, and then the computer is not universal, a computer to tens of thousands, many families can not afford. During that time I play more click the game, the 2001 grand company agent "Mir" is my first game player, the years until three, I was playing online games, don’t know how to play the power of the network.

1, new station quickly do. This is a commonly used slogan Chinese click Wangzhuan circle. General Chinese click on the new station in the opening of the station, there are certain preferential conditions, as early as early to benefit. The new station opened in order to attract more members, the rapid development of members, generally from the registered award, click on the score, offline system, VIP membership system, payment is quite favourable conditions. Such as happy Wangzhuan, at the beginning of the station, it hits the score is 2 cents, a total of ten ads, 0.2 yuan payment, generally two days to collect the money. I opened the station at the beginning of the station to earn 19 yuan, and now advertising value is reduced, basically 0.2 points a click. There are some websites in the open at the beginning of the station to send cash register, which basically became a common practice Chinese click Wangzhuan station development off the assembly line, but the activities of the members are registered to send cash constraints, such as the top fifty or top one hundred registered members. So new sites to hurry to do, where to find new hair? Rich uncle Wangzhuan professional provide advice in this regard, interested friends can look at the money.

2, pay attention to the activities of Wangzhuan

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