Pioneering road is not so difficult to walk Why is Amazon getting more and more cattle

‘s tendency to remain profitable rather than continuing losses is the first prerequisite for Wall Street’s confidence in Amason. So when Amazon announced its loss in 2012, its share price went up. Paget PiperJaffray analyst Gini &mid>

said Buffett held in Nebraska in 2017 shareholders’ meeting, "I was so stupid that Amazon did not expect to develop so well, it will not feel like now has such a massive success. I underestimated its potential for development at the time."

I’ve got 5 helpers to hire at $300 a day, and I’m paying 600 yuan per person to motivate them to work. Finally, when Christmas Eve arrives, our party and 6 people are ambitious enough to come to the downtown area. It started selling well and sold it in almost two or three seconds. When we are happy when the inspectors came, we escape, the balloon was confiscated more than 5000. In the end, we continued to sell some in guerrilla warfare, but through the warning of the urban management, the pace of delivery was far less than before. Finally come back an accounting, earned a total of 4052 yuan, excluding labor costs 3000 yuan, the cost of 1000 yuan, I earned only 52 yuan!

in order to achieve these diverse business, huge and sustained investment is essential. It is often said that Amazon is a loss for the enterprise, but in fact, Amazon has been able to put so much capital market has not been abandoned, because it is not Amazon’s net profit is negative for the year.

! Amazon

second small business also ended in failure, that year, nearly Christmas, I strongly felt that business opportunities have come, I must take my opportunity to earn the first capital of life. I got ten thousand balloons, find a few students to help sell, each balloon costs 0.1 yuan, 5.00~10.00 yuan price to sell, the profit is very lucrative, if all sold to I can earn at least 50 thousand yuan! It only takes two days to Christmas Eve and Christmas

remembers the first time it was a stamp business, when communications were not so developed, and letters were the only means of communication between people who divided the two places. A first-class postage stamp price is 0.20 yuan, I from the stamp market price of 0.12 yuan to buy, then the price of 0.15 yuan to distribute to all the small stall distribution, also do some retail in the campus. At that time, all sales and checkout, I have found more than 20 stalls, each booth 2000~500 Zhang, the result only recover half of the cost, and those who have a large number of stamps stall a few weeks after the magic disappeared.



years after graduation, I’ve been thinking of starting a new business. I heard that the profits of cosmetics are very rich, and I have done a lot of Market Research on cosmetics. In order to get first-hand information, I went to the cosmetics wholesale market to help wholesalers to tally goods and carry goods, regardless of the remuneration. Gradually, the market has met me, in their minds that I am a practical and willing to help young man. Sometimes, when I come home, I help more shop owners squeeze some change for me. Sure, he mentioned it to me


by Geoff · Bezos Jeff Bezos was founded in 1995, initially named Cadabra, by Bezos renamed the Amazon, the Amazon is the earth to nurture the most species of the river. This name reflects Bezos’s ambition, Amazon from a small online bookstore, "WAL-MART online", and then to the world’s largest cloud service providers, and publish intelligent voice products Echo, the acquisition of wfmi WFM.O he has created a set of electricity providers, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, line entity bookstore in one of the consumer and technology giant in 20 years.

many of my classmates said that I was too naive, "how can you believe what the owner? No deposit back so many goods, white pick up cheap who would not account for?" now think it is, I always thought that the credit of all people are like me.

Amazon since its establishment in 1995, 1997 Nasdaq, the previous loss of eight years. But since 2003, Amazon began to profit, from 2003 to 2016 14 years, Amazon’s net profit was negative in 2012 and 2014.

June 2, 2017, Amason NYSE:AMAZON stock price over $1000 for the first time, as of June 22nd closing, the market capitalization of up to $478 billion 600 million, surpassing Facebook, the US technology giant apple, shlf1314 and Microsoft in the second.

another star to Wall Street at gross margin. From 2005 to 2015 through the Amazon cloud service AWS to achieve earnings jumped ten years ago, Amazon’s gross margin has been in a stable and slow growth trend, from 24.02% in 2005 to 24.75% in 2012, rising to 33.04% in 2015. The gross profit margin rose to 35.09% in 2016 as a result of the success of the AWS business.

students laughed at me again.

Amazon’s market value also surpassed Buffett’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway, which is worth $409 billion 900 million.

then there are several entrepreneurs, to earn after compensation, are all in vain.

started from the University, so many years, there are many different projects, but are not really successful, often reflect on their own, why so hard, also have some success, why is not successful

low margin normal

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