The application of exchange CEO Luo Chuan readme business is to manage primary afflictionsAd4all new

this morning, Luo Chuan published a summary of 2013 in the application of the official website, "the difficulties at home, the company’s challenges, like the mountain pressure.". I can’t sleep at night." He said in the text.


Luo said, that is business management, management companies, more important is their own management, management of primary afflictions.

"these three books have given me a different view of work and life: miracles come from ordinary insistence, and it takes time, patience, and perhaps a lifetime."." Legend, "think about the products and operations, really need a bit of self absorption, no matter how the critics say, need your heart sank down, stick to it."."

joined in January 2011 from innovation works since the exchange has gone through three years, the same as the distribution platform 91 near to the wealthy, he became the 360 big Tencent, the application of treasure rise directly to a high position at home and at work, Alexander Luo Chuan from the three book to find out, a book about Buddhism, two speaking of autism.

introduction, the application of the exchange in 2013 sales results than the most aggressive version of the early version of the development, cash flow is positive, product release has entered a virtuous cycle.

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has been particularly depressed for a while, the family’s difficulties, the company’s challenges, the mountains like the pressure. I couldn’t sleep at night. I stared out at dawn, taking the distance from the medication with only one finger. Sleep is also a good thing, read a lot of books, but really can not read much. At this age, general inspirational stories and chicken soup for ordinary souls are no longer felt. There are three deep impressions, "see you", "I see the world by heart" and "a thorn in my pocket".

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last year, Luo Chuan will apply the operation of the exchange to Yuan Cong, the product to Xu Feng, and they spent more time to educate children and accompany their families, as well as experience mobile Internet products and their products.

following is Luo Chuan 2013 readme full text:

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"see you" is a book about buddhism. I like this book because it makes Buddhism as simple as iPhone. All color, empty, empty, I have heard that aside, said four dabaihua: everything is changing impermanence; all experiences are suffering leaky jieku, one person in the history of the universe and see what.

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in 2014, Luo Chuan assigned himself the first task is to write from the media, "in a Buddhist period through the media from the spread of the times, that the product can sell good idea is still too conservative."." Luo Chuan said.

Luo Chuan has long been out of the spotlight, application exchange co-founder Yuan Cong to stir up the beam in the last year, made a lot of adjustments in the game transport, search and product recommendation mechanism, this past year, what Luo kawahi to

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