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in fact, a lot of times is not a bad company, but the industry did not heat. All industries, all enterprises have their own things, pay close attention to the financing of time, to ensure that you can live in the heat, especially if you do Internet, do online, mobile, takes time. Education is education, the things needed for a long time, need a period of time after the profit, profit will be very stable, fast Internet, Internet early is not to make money, education out small scale training class, it is easy to make money, but the scale will be relatively difficult.

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some experiences about Internet start-ups and financing

in addition to the task class project Wangzhuan novice can also participate in the survey projects, such projects do pay generally need a period of time. But the survey Wangzhuan are the basic operations, the strength is relatively strong, generally not easily collapse. Good credit, too. It is worth the long-term operation of Wangzhuan project, in addition, can also be through the introduction of survey Wangzhuan friends to join get a reward. Selected a few can do strong investigation project, seriously participate in and promote. Can greatly improve their Wangzhuan income.

I developed more than 20 years in the Internet industry, from 96 or 97 years later has been doing strategic consultant, was also for many big American companies planning strategy for the Internet, one of my classmates in the big brother IDG, he said that you should look to China. At that time, we all think that many industries in China are blank, virgin land, and there are plenty of opportunities.


the first thing I did when I came back in 99 years was to help 8848 prepare for the listing, financing and strategic planning. At that time, the listing roadshow and company strategy were personally planned by me. Today, there were a lot of mistakes. >

I think the market There are both advantages and disadvantages. for enterprises. The benefits are: first, give you a development space and funds; second, the brand effect has greatly improved. But a listing is the most bad, short-term profits and income may look focused a great deal of effort, if you want to do a lot of investment in the innovation business, after the listing of the pressure is very large.

below is live record:

what about Wangzhuan suitable for novice to do this topic, in fact, no worries about Wangzhuan many times. But for novices, it’s important to earn money through the Internet, even if you make a penny. Because this is helpful for beginners’ confidence. He would believe that making money online is real. So it’s still meaningful to discuss this topic again.

on the current Wangzhuan form, the novice can earn money the fastest project should be Chinese task Wangzhuan project, this project is mainly through the website to obtain the proceeds in the task. That is, in accordance with the requirements of the site to do several registration tasks, basically can apply for payment. Usually, the reward for a task ranges from a few cents to a few dollars. Novice tasks, the project can also earn a few dollars a day to more than ten yuan. Therefore, the task type project is suitable for novice to participate, one to participate in simple, and secondly, you can quickly pay. Three good reputation.

novice in Wangzhuan project, the most important is to gain, not how to earn money, will have more confidence to go on, so, free Wangzhuan wuyouptc suggested that novice friends from the beginning of the first few projects started to slowly understand and learn the knowledge to make their Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, road more walk the wider

I think the future must be the O2O model, especially in vocational training, primary and secondary education, academic education, because it is a rigid demand, but fortunately. All things around the line, line down of this course, or answer questions, or micro classes, teachers explain, or discuss.

and game beginner also can look at the game, Wangzhuan mainly through the website of the task to get points, these points can be used to play the lucky 28 game to earn more points, and then use these points for the coins, Mobile Recharge Card, game point card or mobile phone, camera, notebook computer and other in kind awards, because the games are mostly from the formal Wangzhuan company, so it is worth the long-term do.

online education or teaching, research platform, model?. How big is your last teaching and research process and able to implement your last personalized service?. We do online education around the three rigid needs: entry, diploma, employment. The earliest we can succeed is because we are doing it around the diploma. In fact, the enterprise business model is nothing more than these two categories, a large class of service industry, just as I do network education, occupation education such as accounting, primary and secondary schools like 101 fourth campus do elementary and middle schools, such as New Oriental language. The second category, the number of years to do more and more content, service delivery platform, like the United States to do better, Lynda, has been doing more than ten years, many years of doing many years before the profit. Platforms and content are now being done by many people, as well as many technology and content providers. This future competition will be more and more big, this product is still spelled.

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