How do websites find customersWhy should shlf1314 give a reason to stop the AdSense account

stop account and notify the owners, why stop, on shlf1314 in China business have positive benefits:

I was doing stand it, but also comply with the requirements of adsende, but when checking the mail every day, or some worry, fear will receive a stop notice.

two, shlf1314 has not established a sufficiently high prestige in the China, can not tell others why stop account, make people sincerely convinced the. shlf1314 in China reputation should be said very high, at least we can from him a few hundred dollars a month brought back, and other advertising hair is not enough we drink herbal tea. However, in this point accounts, shlf1314 in Chinese credibility is not high enough, we can easily see violations serious than we thousands of times the website has been safe and sound to do adsense.

third, demand substitutability,

so, I have some worry about their account, will not have problems, their own station, also some collection, not original, after all, to too many original is really difficult, unless it is to allow the user to also published, will continue to have the original things every day, just like ADMIN5.

shlf1314 and we agreed, he is right not to inform us the specific reasons, to stop the account according to his judgment. This way, I don’t know if I can work in the United States, but feel like not in Chinese. If shlf1314 want to localization, should not be in this matter is a localization.

three, shlf1314 is undoubtedly a great company, but the specific details of each thing is done by a specific person, you may also have the wrong. If a stop is because misjudgment leads to excellent Adsense account, regardless of who is lost. Notice to stop reason, is conducive to the improvement of the shlf1314 staff, if because of false positives to stop, and then clarify the re opened, this will only increase googl>

fourth, competitor

finally, to consider the market may have more than one game player in, this demand is not already a game player inside, is already doing well? If done well, then enter the cost will be high, is not worth? If not done well, is not there is opportunity? If this is a new demand, no one in this field, the field is not in the high barriers, if the barrier is not high, how to set up the barriers. Enter >

requirements are not very necessary, very dependent. Human needs can be divided into many levels, such as food and clothing, housing, and personal safety needs are Yin basic needs, is the first requirement is whether human development to what level of demand will not disappear. If the economic crisis, whether the economy as a whole, or the individual, people can not sing, can not buy LV bag, can reduce the dining and entertainment, but demand will not eat less traffic, communication, temple and other basic dependence, some demand is very high, while others can be alternative. For the Internet, the need to find information; to read the news, the communication needs, the demand for online transactions is the most basic needs. For example, value-added services, such as the demand for entertainment, may be greatly affected by the recession. Therefore, such business will never disappear, for such a business, the only problem is too many competitors, profit is too thin. The higher the dependence, the greater the demand, the smaller the impact of economic fluctuations.

some requirements are substitutable. For example, you can choose to go to the movies on a weekend night, or you can choose a coffee shop chat, or you can choose to go to a concert, so the demand is irreplaceable. The need for such substitutability is easily affected by industrial change.

According to

often communicate with my program webmaster, his account was suspended last week, there is more than 300 dollars, shlf1314 did not say what specific problems to stop him. He asked me to help him to see what is the problem, I looked at it again and really do not know what the problem is, if critical, is probably the site most of the content is collected. However, compared to the Internet now everywhere obviously cheating sites, much better than the.

, that is how many people will use the product or service. As a recruitment website, if the industry recruitment website, such as construction of the recruitment website, the scale of demand is only limited in the construction industry, and make a comprehensive recruitment site is not such a limiting. The size of the demand determines the size of the market. Of course, the size of the market is not necessarily related to its profitability. Because sometimes, the larger the market, the more competitors, the less likely to win, profits may be smaller, and some vertical areas, if you can do it, but can get good returns.

first of all, demand, demand created customers. To discover requirements, consider the following factors: first, the degree of demand, or dependence; and second, the size of the demand; third, the substitutability of demand; and, fourth, competitors.

first, dependence on demand


, some people think that the notice of the specific reasons, will increase the burden on the staff of shlf1314. I think it is actually the opposite, if you don’t notice the reasons, most people will write the letter of complaint, the shlf1314 staff to check it again. This is actually increased the burden on the staff of shlf1314. If you stop the account also pointed out why stop complaint will be reduced.

second, size of demand,

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