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a lot of individual stationmaster can appear this kind of circumstance, the technology that understands has a lot of, but master in one, and few. This has happened, including myself. Many personal Adsense will involve SEO optimization, micro-blog marketing, BBS marketing and so on diversification marketing model. All want to learn these marketing patterns in order to achieve their own marketing results. The so-called surgery, specializing in, here, Zhang Shoujin suggested that we should focus on one, and the other as an assistant can. Otherwise, it will backfire.

whether build personal brand, or build enterprise brand is good. Brand can help you save honor, image, authority and so on. So you can say, with the influence of brand, you will be more convenient in what you do in the future. I talked about it with Xiang Wei the night before. For example, you have to go to individuals to optimize your website, you choose a person who has not even heard of it to help, or choose to go to the only teacher to help you? I believe that the answer is already vivid,

above is only a little Zhang Shoujin suggestions, as individuals should plan the future development of the road, it depends on the idea of individuals. Maybe you are relatively strong, can not run together! Good share so few points, if can’t speak right I hope you do not Paizhuan can! The real name network marketing team Zhang Shoujin casually prepared text link address Yintemei. Net welcome to reprint, declined to rename the friend reproduced

, they worry, how can such a bad reputation continue to run the comic reading platform?

many users, and even comic circle counterparts are commented on the works Anne is planned in order to promote their software, that she uses the word "dream" to hype their products, even her "on the" dream "to make money".

but she doubts, in those days manmasheng rising, the number of little investment institutions to said they will vote for "fast comics", which also includes once because she has no business experience and not optimistic about this product and rejected her investors. Finally, Chen Anni accepted the A round of financing from Sequoia capital.

personal Adsense gradually shifted to team

"dream bitch, even she was given by this label.

to build brand strategy

"capital can change a lot of things."." When Shen Napeng, founder of Sequoia Capital, first heard the words, Chen Anni, 22, couldn’t understand what it really meant.

afternoon of December 2014, she is anxious and fearful to Shen Napeng confessed his concerns, including outside negative comments, and almost all of the university graduates team > no Internet experience

remembered that once the teacher said: "the future direction of development should be from individual to team oriented."". Because the power of the team is always stronger than your personal strength. Firstly, Zhang Shoujin believes that as individual owners want a quick profit that is not possible, then can fast profits will lead you to fund to maintain their livelihood, will eventually work not completed. And as individuals, the rest, sleep, time, and all aspects of the team does not have advantages, all suggestions should take the road of teamwork.

let Chen Anni surprise, the content of the comment in addition to her previous fans of encouragement and support, but also with many non rational voice, even abuse, this is she became micro-blog red in the past three years, have never met the situation.

with the rapid development of the Internet, most people are also aware that the Internet is a gold mine, resulting in a large number of personal webmaster into the internet. However, there are few people who can persist in the end. How many people can really get a slice from it? Then, as an individual webmaster, how do you plan the road to future development?


is more than nothing. More complicated,

This article

, Chen Anni and her team and friends feel that this company is over. Their startup project is a comic reading software called comic books, which knows second days on the line because of Chen Anni’s work being criticized by industry and the public.

this comic with a diffuse a horizontal or vertical and no restrictions on the number of lattice in the form of comics, Anne Chen readme choice of entrepreneurial process, which refers to Chen Anni in the entrepreneurial process and how not to be optimistic about the outside world and her insistence that she will use 1% hope to complete their entrepreneurial dreams.

in half a month before Chen Anni met Shen Napeng, she drew one called "I’m sorry, I only have 1% life" hereinafter referred to as the 1% life comics, released on his own micro-blog, in order to promote their own entrepreneurial projects.

one, 1% nets red


in 2014, Chen Anni just graduated from college, is a 8 million fans of micro-blog red cartoonist, but in addition to drawing comics, she is very poor knowledge of business. At that time, she thought this sentence was too obscure and profound. "Sounds like some cult. Is the power of capital so great?"

and her previous works is not much difference in the comics, has become the day after the "micro-blog hot Faye Wong divorce", more than 80 thousand the number of comments, like 300 thousand points above, the forwarding number even reached 450 thousand.

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