2014 the site optimization chain where and how to send the chain

forum outside the chain: This is the most common of the chain, but also with the spread of the chain, before you can say is an artifact of grass root stationmaster counter attack (word: not excessive Niang not happy, what Scindapsus algorithm and other external links which manipulate rankings method followed) now the forum! How to do the chain? Brother a little donkey to summarize, the selected forum platform should be relevant to the theme of the site, the article do not deliberately embedded too many irrelevant links (a good), or it may be in love with the sea as spam links! While maintaining diversification chain platform forum signature effect! The basic equal to zero, but also the function of the drainage (how to use the signature of the user into the target site, this is to pay attention to when we do the signature).

Library of the chain: we are the most commonly used should be the love of Shanghai library, not only products of Shanghai’s love everyone in the library of the chain, the chain of his product is not delivered any weight, but can often bring a lot of traffic! We can start in the Library: he Douding road the guest Baba etc.. When the video of the chain, we must pay attention to add the URL in the description, don’t be too hard, do not stack keywords, to prevent the effects of pass rate.


and SkyDrive chain: now a lot of SkyDrive we can edit >



we know Shanghai dragon website optimization is divided into the station and the station optimization in two categories; today we focus on outside the station optimization chain article (grass root webmaster asked: in 2014, immediately send the chain gold time, immediately go outside the chain?) donkey brother

: we have done the quiz platform this link should also clear that this kind of drainage link lever, but the success rate is low and it is difficult to make outrageous. For example: Shanghai, soso, know love ask 360 questions and answers the question and answer, ask, sina etc.. Mention the details, can collect the Q & a platform industry.

classification information platform: the chain of this class compared to the first two audit a little strict, and the basic link is in the form of text. For example: 58, people network, network list and so on. This kind of link included is relatively fast, but not too much hair, to prevent the gag

hematemesis share!

blog the chain (portal chain): this we also say Sina, for having heard it many times, NetEase, Sohu, everyone here is not to enumerate the station and so on, can you dig. A noun here (light blog), the webmaster can also use. The blog of low threshold, but remember to effect, take time to maintain, and early links with the words of love are generally not included in Shanghai. There is a self built blog, this is actually my raise a number of blog sites.

network favorites: this we use compared to the first three should be relatively small, lists several commonly used donkey brother mediated platform: love music collection, Shanghai collection, QQ bookmark, good network angle, want to do a lot of good finishing mining

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