A PS message can kill the ranking of a website you still don’t accept

you may think this title is some stunning people heard, that is unbelievable, yes, my first and you are a reaction. But now I believe, but for this to happen also feel numb. Listen to me slowly to Syria (Note: this trick too hard, the sensitive information can not be leaked to you)

February 2nd afternoon 2 points for a long time with the IPAD use WiFi to view the site, suddenly found 10 minutes ago still use the site open, remote desktop connection server (using the domain name) that is a server problem notification fails, restart, the problem is still. It is discovered that IP access is no problem, PING www.cn-net.net cannot resolve IP, whois.chinaz贵族宝贝 out of this domain name, domain name: stop parsing parsing….. I C his uncle, this is how ah, to contact the domain name service provider, asked them what no reason to stop the DNS client, a phone call to make clear the domain name service provider gives the answer, received a notice of the relevant departments, the domain name is illegal, is forced to stop parsing, then given a URL and a phone call to let me contact. Site opened a certain Center (note that this center has reported after the background and Report Mailbox, out of the whole thing thus), call in the past, the phone is a standard CALLCENTER, XX operator, said my name irregularities to my mail box for registration appeal in accordance with a format with the domain name I was wondering, psychological, I do website is almost all static pages, no interaction, no message and forum function, and I do not exist illegal security background, what information is more likely to be black. But no way ah, this is really what you told the Department, honest appeal in accordance with the format, what Id scan ah, domain name certificate information ah, the domain name owner to sign what ah, admit mistakes and correct the innocent (don’t know what the problem is, and confirm the site is no problem), the complaint send mail.

www.cn-net.net is my personal domain in 05 years for PR4, is the first batch of the record, the domain name has been my personal use, type of site for IT services, IT outsourcing regular website, February 2nd domain name parsing, as early as 14, the domain name analytic recovery. In Shanghai and the whole of this noble baby before IT and network maintenance outsourcing has been the top three keywords, this is a whole, love Shanghai is K page without leaving the nobility baby home is K, included drop, website is almost full of waste.

said it had received mail handled by the relevant departments, 3 no reply email to ask again, to no avail, call again again, then I could be revealed the presence of counterfeit website, the complaint is not accepted, what I do fake ah, fake who ah, you have this tube ah. Psychological a blame ah, but also request once again issued a complaint, well, continue to send. And in >

In February 2nd,

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