Alexa ranking the reasons for the decline of many domestic sites in the gun


around 2014 domestic Alexa fluctuation station for example, in order to protect the privacy of station, site name not published for the above problem can arise, and how to reduce the possibility of such a situation? A main marketing believes that the domestic various optimization techniques to make part of the site according to the number of abnormal part is lying in the gun, a part of is the optimization of data in some problems of data security, optimization of business choice, the method is too outrageous. Solving method for a class is directly to the Alexa website, according to the site, the Alexa website will give a piece of code loaded into the site, to capture the real site data, but this website Alexa optimization will no longer take effect; the two is the Alexa service provider, using data mechanism and the new optimization method, the recovery of ranking. As the Internet site operators, Alexa ranking has become an important parameter, according to the website operation train of thought to adjust and optimize the Alexa ranking, improve site traffic, is a process of strategic layout, can not be ignored.

Alexa ranked so low? How could such a high traffic, it is not fooled? Some speculation project or business website hype hundreds of millions of sales, but their site Alexa Rankings do not pay attention to, so often there is such a joke. Look at the Internet traffic has been no better than third party authority to name, probably flow, has been ranked Alexa to check a website at the same time, coupled with the domestic iResearch ranking, a few years ago, according to iResearch industry comprehensive introduction of iResearch IUT ranking report summed up the nature of the in addition, data flow, no other third party data can better reflect the website so, for a variety of domestic Alexa optimization method has also spawned a emerge in an endless stream, in a variety of ways for Alexa optimization services industry chain. It is because of the abuse of various optimization techniques, Alexa each year to domestic websites have the same ranking website will make clear. In the second half of 2013 to early 2014, the website ranking began to appear abnormal fluctuations.


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