360 search algorithm 2 can do the webmaster upgrade monkey anti black purification search experience

network will be "Bai Baihe marital infidelity" and "American violence Zhuke incident" with friends in the chat, at leisure can not be excessive consumption. And as a webmaster friends to pay attention to in the near future, found that many sites appeared to be black, some hackers hijacked by code and other forms of jump to third party malicious sites, is a large area of black website was hacked, gambling, pornography, servers and other bad information. This behavior seriously affect the user search experience, also caused extremely bad influence ranking, flow and the reputation of the site in the search, fraud, phishing, horse behavior hidden behind it will seriously damage the interests of the majority of users and information security.

as a new Shanghai dragon Er, how to choose the main battlefield of their own will beat a group of people. The author suggested that all >

Wukong algorithm 2 site is black for the owners and users to upgrade the recognition, escort


love Shanghai index is still at its PC end has a position, can not shake the position of vice versa; impeccable Sina micro index micro-blog in the light field, the instant news from WeChat WeChat index choice; the public number and WeChat big data based on the circle of friends and social fields, unparalleled; and headline index based on personalized news push the field, leading the new direction of the era of content distribution, future is unlimited.

Abstract: the recent hot decide on what path to follow

"refers to the four kingdoms formed Shanghai dragon vane

in April 12th, aimed at the increasingly serious website was hacked phenomenon, 360 search for the upgrade of the original monkey algorithm, the new release "Wukong algorithm 2". Can more quickly and accurately identify the various websites hacked behavior, reduce bad show malicious web site in the search engine and the impact on the user, to crack down on such 360 search cheating.



with the headline index in April 12th officially launched, Shanghai love index, micro index, WeChat index and headlines index Shanghai Longfeng 3 index tool "four kings" assembled on the future of new Shanghai dragon Er, the main battlefield of Shanghai Dragon 3 era where it can make nothing of it.

review: the hot to stationmaster friends together to review some recent Internet incidents. Love, love Shanghai Shanghai 100 weight lifting; Sogou WeChat index query on the line; today’s headlines index quietly on the line; WeChat public number can apply for the cancellation of the on-line APP loans; millet; cloud music NetEase to get high financing; on-line Google WeChat version of Jane application; Ali released energy distribution area is big data; everyone in a short video video once the largest BBS community; mop贵族宝贝 network for sale; sharing charging treasure explosion of red 360 search algorithm; Wukong 2 on-line and so on…

is a large area of black sites was black, gambling, pornography, and other adverse information

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