3 months of continuous love Shanghai remove 2 times rise again experience

always wanted to write an article to communicate with people, but did not experience a good topic. There are always a lot of love but every time the topic of Shanghai. This time I tell you about the 3 server 50 website 2 times by Shanghai to remove the love experience, doing some action a few days before the success and all life. So I love Shanghai really not so terrible, at least love Shanghai station group found or can save the.

was removed in the first deleted again after, I think so many websites a link does not do, ranking will eventually lost, so I was planning a link to gossip. After the last lesson, I dare not one, this time using one-way links. One-way links and 3 cross server, I wouldn’t have so much trouble? Probably after a few weeks, steadfast heart or collapse, love Shanghai again to delete all the station. I didn’t go to the station to delete him. Because of their own things too much. The customer wants to save so many sites, is also very difficult to save. But not all delete delete station. Is a love of Shanghai clear all of the domain name record. So I can not find the reason, although know the link has a problem, but did not think the proportion is so large, can be said to be deleted because 100% links, one-way links or whatever link to each other.

The second The first time

was deleted: first deleted is about 3 months ago, the 3 server website without exception all deleted, then several website main keywords are on the home page, Google almost before the 3 page website is my site. That station is useless, perhaps because of Google, Google never K to any one website. But Google rankings than the absolute ranking good love Shanghai. Those customers see their website in front of Google love Shanghai, is very happy, I also happy. Make hair, I am more crazy, that link is very useful for ranking really, there is no plan to the chaos chain, want to improve the website for more links. Almost every site involved, it is also after about 2 weeks to. All the sites all collapsed, was scolded when the customer. I began to check the link, the outbound links all web sites to delete, since within a week restored included. Even more outrageous is still keep ranking.

see everyone in the group doing, because of their own site is done, so the customer’s site is mostly doing maintenance at me. The natural space is also I help them buy. And those 50 customer sites, were also placed on the 3 server inside. When love is not madness of the ShangHai Railway Station group, that time I was depending on the build simple station group, standing group is not independent of IP, a number of sites are on the same server under IP. Of course, I also know that this is dangerous, but since the station group of madness, I would not dare to give the same IP stations each link, but the links are one-way links across the Chengdu, and a different IP, of course, today talk about chain problem, only talk stations to avoid problems.

talk about antecedents:

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