Approach to construct the high quality the chain post ask and soft

When we create a

network of people we should have heard the words "content is king, the chain for the emperor," why? Just because the chain has an important significance for the website, the content is made out for everyone to see, but if no one has a chance to see your content, then all things are useless. Wine is also afraid of deep alley, the chain is in the important role of content. So almost all website promotion people are on the chain, hope to have the chain enough to help you hit a certain promotion effect, to improve the search engine rankings by the chain greatly. However, the ideal is full, the reality is skinny. The high quality of the chain is not so easy to do, and a lot of new entrants to the friends is lack in the chain promotion experience. Then, we use this article to tell everyone to talk about how to build the high quality chain.


guide you as to make the high quality the chain, we first need to understand the significance of some basic knowledge and the chain of the chain in the web site. Outside the chain, the word for everybody is not strange, but if you tell others what is outside the chain, may not be that you can do. Briefly speaking, the chain is to let users through other websites into our website links. The Internet has become the "Internet" is the important network, connected with each other. So we are connected by what is the variety of link?. We have done in their own website to build after going through various forms to allow users to know us, find us. So, do some links in some other sites, so that users have the opportunity through the links to find our website while browsing other websites, this is the chain, everyone in their own website to help other websites to do the chain, so the network is connected. So, the chain can be said to be the blood network. In addition, due to the recent search engine links attention, similar to love Shanghai, Google and so on are much through the chain number determines a website in search engine rankings, so the chain of the important role is reflected in the influence of the rankings. Because the search engine is not for the chain is the same weight to look at, so we are on the increase of the chain at the same time, it should be how to increase the chain thinking by search engine identity, this is what we say the high quality of the chain. The chain of more higher quality, will help our website to get the favour of search engine, resulting in the search engine ranking.

chain, partly through the exchange of some friends of the chain of each other with some of our friendly website, in addition it is usually through our own platform to take the initiative to publish in some of our links, so as to achieve the purpose of the chain to get more. After the chain extension of the novice often in a period of time to feel frustrated or depressed, because they have released the chain may be some webmaster delete posts, even IP, and will lose confidence on the job.

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