A bitter rookie of the Shanghai dragon growth course


every child born from what the language, and then to the toddler to normal walking and talking all need a long process, learning is the same reason, do not know from what, to the end of the master is a very difficult process. In contact with the Shanghai dragon, is now out of full-time service Oliver, no longer have to challenge all through the night, in my little heart. Although it is still the same work in the Internet industry, but it’s really out of the game in this circle, the success to the enterprise and enterprise website optimization, website optimization is a new challenge for me, let me have more vision, said so much, in fact, this topic mainly about my Shanghai dragon growth look at the process, we are not ever so came to.

pain, small game customer service in a game company before contact with the Shanghai dragon in this industry, tired of the upside of life, and hate those rookie game player is not a problem. And repeatedly asked the parents, now the family came to the company, from customer service to Shanghai Phoenix this unintelligible field can be said the span is very large, after all, do not know from what the mice started to contact the Shanghai dragon in this industry is very difficult, what must start from scratch, Qinliqinwei Xiao Bian, Shanghai dragon in the course of the first day of work is started formally. On the first day of the company, the manager did not make me really to do what is meaningful to me, Shanghai dragon is a long road, need to add the right way, and what I do not understand, to enrich the knowledge, so I went to find relevant the data, and to see the site background, familiar with the background of the module. I am also pleased to accept, he Pidianpidian busy, after all, you are using a product, when you don’t know it how to use it, you need to first understand his principle as well as the origin. So how to promote the website in the premise of don’t know, I spent more than a week through the search engine to search the content related to view, also successfully registered, Admin5, the owners of the house, a push and so on well-known promotion and site site, in the process of slowly understand I know what keywords TITLE, the website, the website description, 301 redirect, 404 error pages and so on, also let me gradually expressed a keen interest in the industry, after all, what did not make a website, from nothing to have to rank the results you want is an amazing thing, really should be jumei贵族宝贝 do the advertisement, you laugh at my ignorance, I pity you always piaffe, you can look down upon our young, we will prove that who is this era, the dream is doomed lonely journey, the road without Questioning and ridicule, but so what, even if it is also beautiful to live covered all over with cuts and bruises,

bitter in advance, enrich themselves, but also to the practice of the company’s website program using the CMS class template for other companies to open, complete code cannot read, a product picture is not.

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