A soft how to make it play the biggest effect


soft in addition to promote their own websites, make the promotion of their products, build brands; also can bring to the site outside the chain of high quality, can be said that a good article to the important role for the promotion of the website, now by the soft marketing case is also a lot of friends recently is using soft Wen promotion to sell his jeans, and played a very good effect; also a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is a soft Wen to enhance the site’s weight, two webmaster familiar with: A5 and Chinaz are good places to stationmaster of submission, once included the number will be reproduced hundreds of the chain this is not calculable.

submitted to the soft website refused to anchor text links, because too many links will lead to the site to reduce weight, and one day may be judged to be Shanghai love link factory, but some high weight site management because of the relatively loose, or can be added, such as DoNews, the original general is the second and also, "

There are a lot of soft

soft way I think there are two kinds, one is the invisible soft, this soft lethal great, generally suitable for publication in large portal, because they are very strict, with connection will be deleted; the other is the webmaster familiar soft Wen contribute, the main purpose is to do the chain, do soft the chain has several features, one is can be reprinted many sites outside the chain of two is relatively stable, the two are the focus of the construction of the chain, so a soft own to grasp, best can do anchor text link or network access link, the main link effect is good, once was reprint brought to the site effect is self-evident.

, how can a soft paper to maximize the effectiveness of it, after all, write original articles is not easy, we should make good use of it, let it maximize the role, from their own analysis can make the article do three points:

binding site to write text, write the article to have strong persuasion, his love is the best thing to experience, write through their own practice, not only can share their knowledge and writing ability and the Shanghai Dragon technology can improve, good writing can also let users introduce into the site, through one of its own some publicity, originally a very common thing, so through their own packaging, others may feel is not the same, through their own soft, their products will be a good publicity, perhaps because of an article for oneself bring good opportunities.

combined with the theme of the site to write articles, of course, to the high correlation, when readers see the good quality, will want to exchange or want to see your site impulse, now many webmaster in the end add their own contact information, it is a good way to the accumulation of contacts.

first, combined with the theme of the site to write soft readerresonate

site with a link to the chain to fly

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