How to create a cling user movie station

second: let the text information has become enriched

movie website why not well stick to the user? A simple explanation can explain everything: do not know around the user. As an ordinary movie station, it is very difficult for us to do let users remember our website name or domain name, so a lot of time, watching the movie user on your site after leaving, it can be very difficult to come back to this website, so use some platform >

webmaster clearly, now more and more people do, competition is more and more big, and the movie station is also no exception. A movie station to "stick" the user is not easy, because many users to browse movies on Youku, potatoes and other large web site operators, so the film is difficult.

third: using a variety of platforms to be arranged around the user

we said above, the most important thing is the movie station site inside the movie, but the film is not completely to user station to see the film, some movie fans may watch movies tired, they would love to browse some information about the movie and news, so this one link is the movie webmaster can not ignore. In view of this kind of film many users, owners should be huadianxinsi in the movie information and news, webmaster to large-scale movie website or some entertainment online to find information and news, and placed in an eye-catching column, so that users can browse some information to relax in the rest of this movie. It is very friendly, I believe will be more users stuck in your website.

as a movie station, the most important of course is inside film is rich enough, whether or not enough comprehensive, whether clear enough. This is considered the film station patience, many owners are quite tired of this job, so I bought a collection software, every site from others collecting film, resulting in a lot of junk movie website. In fact, the author believes that the value of the degree of film is not in how much your movie, because no user is willing to go to see a lot of rubbish. The film station should always pay attention to the development of the film, try to find some popular movies, and put it in a special column, allowing users to enter the site will be the first time to pay attention, and do a detailed introduction to these popular movies, try to use their own language to express, so that the user experience is very good, users will be more love your website.

operates a movie station is very difficult, but does not mean that the movie station is the end of the road. Just run movie stations need the webmaster’s skill and patience, following the author’s experience to share a good operator and how to create a "stuck" user movie station

said: the first not to collect movie website, make the film more value




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