Good quality of your content will be more relaxed in Shanghai Dragon

with the development of China’s Internet, the network has become an indispensable part of our daily life, online shopping is also quietly popular. Many consumers in the store to see if one thing, may not be purchased directly, they may love Shanghai, ask the supplier to Taobao, network, or Jingdong to see the price, the same thing, if the network price than the store price difference is relatively large, the user is likely to be in buy online. With the popularity of the network, the network business is increasingly developed, the value of which is reflected in Shanghai dragon. No matter how the development of the Internet, he is always around a core: user experience. Study on the needs of users, can be the first time to find what the user wants, is the ultimate goal of the major search engines. The search engine will give those who meet the needs of users, the content of good quality website to better display in front of the users, so the search engine will not lose users. So for our Shanghai dragon, we must do the content quality, to meet the needs of users.

do not know if you have not heard on weight love Shanghai. That is to say, if the user clicks your site more than competitors, and the bounce rate is low, so love Shanghai will give you the site in the front row, click the same weight for Google. Why love Shanghai should the user click rate, low bounce rate website in the front row? Is very simple, the search engine will think your site is doing the best quality, the content is most consistent with the user experience. If your web site content to do good, your users will vote for you. So one must look at the statement, is not to say that the website content of good quality, you can go to the natural ranking. Because in your website just on the line, your target keyword is not ranked, so the search engine is unable to determine your site is not able to meet the user experience, so we in the site on-line early, can be appropriate to send some outside the chain of high quality key words, when you enter the top 20 when at this time, you may at any time by the user to click on your row to the first position.

we first correct some misunderstandings of the Shanghai dragon. Now there are a lot of people think Shanghai dragon is the day to keep the hair of the chain, and then update some news. So I have to tell you today, this method has now gone. Since the 2011 launch of Google panda algorithm, role in the chain of keywords ranking has become increasingly small, because the search engine found on the outside of the chain to bring up the site is not the most consistent with the user experience, many people in order to promote the keywords ranking to the mass of the chain, which affects the fairness of the search engine so, the search engine has increased the punishment of foreign chain, but also reduces the role of the chain, to prevent the Shanghai dragon through the chain of cheating. So many people think, every day I do not send the chain, then what should I do? Of course content quality. This is what we need to solve the problem.

so you have to prepare for the web site before the online user.

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