Xiao Wu how to improve the collection rate of website content

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here also requires that a website content update time, this requires a combination of the site itself, view the site log analysis, spiders in what period of time on the site to crawl and grab, so owners need to update the content in the spider before, which is conducive to enhance the website content included rate.

The original

site structure reasonable here relates to the website optimization, this can believe love Shanghai search under the emergence of a large number of excellent articles, website structure streamlined for providing convenient spider crawling. Optimize the structure of the website mainly includes: URL static, breadcrumb navigation, site maps, page code weight etc.. Here alone stressed site under static and breadcrumbs, believe that every webmaster are clear breadcrumb static website and URL is conducive to spider crawling is also beneficial to the user experience, has the function of killing two birds with one stone.

serverThe importance of factors to the stability of the

as a Shanghai dragon, the importance of website content is the author here for having heard it many times, but stressed that, although the original web site content is very important, but the owners need not spend too much time to ensure that each article is original. Only need to ensure that the proportion of the whole contents of the original site in 50% or so had it. After all, different types of web content they need is different, for the blog type website original rate was the best guarantee of 90%.

site structure rationality

points above are some personal experience of the author, I hope to meet some website content included rate is not high to help a friend. Personal blog 贵族宝贝hfers贵族宝贝 qq:275104883, welcome friends to discuss.


a friend two days before I asked me why the website content updates a lot, but love Shanghai included his competitors are scanty, but the updated content is not much, but in terms of the page are many, in fact this website content is what we often say the collection rate. For the website optimization personnel, we should clearly know what effect the included rate of website content, so we in the website construction and optimization of the time to avoid these, so that the rate of website promotion included.

server, the author believe that has been known to our friends. As everyone knows, the most difficult thing is the site for the record, especially the recent crackdown began Industrial and Commercial Bureau false filing website, the website construction record to become tedious things early, but I believe that no matter how the record of trouble, or will your site webmaster best case, so choose stable domestic space, but also save the site later the unnecessary trouble.

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