The site fell in love with the sea can not find how to do The site is down right how to do

drop right is generally divided into 3 types: slight drop right, a right down, K station. The 3 form is seen down the right site cheating or black hat tactics and the severity of the decision, "severe mild light punishment, heavy penalties, heavy death" is the search engine ranking of malicious punishment.

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1, website snapshot not update, or backwards, simply through the webmaster tools often focus on a snapshot update.

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site is down right after the fast recovery, how to judge the site is down right? Here briefly, not the focus of this article. The site is down right, when you spend a lot of manpower and resources, put a lot of effort, but can’t see what effect, the weight has not increased. This situation is estimated that each person do not feel good. The site is down right to improper operation, not a long time to recover, a great test for us, today will focus on the website is down right after, how to quickly restore the weight, to minimize the loss.

2, regularly update the website external links

content is king, to regularly update the content, you also need to do the chain for the emperor, it is best to exchange some high quality chain, the emphasis here is on the quality and regularity, don’t change radically, this crazy accumulation of hundreds of the chain, tomorrow is stopped, we must ensure that the regularity and correlation of the chain.

Association Science: what is down right

site is love Shanghai drop right solution

under normal circumstances, the use of search engines with natural defects, malicious manipulation caused the search engine rankings, ranking results showed abnormal display and user experience decreased.

drop right generally refers to the site in the search engine’s score is reduced, can also be regarded as the site to be search engine punishment. How can the site was down the right

drop right now:

ranked 2. lower, as drop right >

reflect the love of Shanghai This paper focuses on the The

well, any love Shanghai right down the traces as long as that, we must stop before the improper operation, adhere to the above two points, regularly and regularly updated website content and chain.

1. included reducing

is not as long as the K station, just right down, this time must stop before the operation, such as collection of articles, pseudo original, the mass of the chain link, the black hat Shanghai dragon, a fixed time every day to find the best to update the website content, high quality original content must be 100% before. Don’t stick to the operation, or can only be one disaster after another. As long as we persist in a period of time, the snapshot will update properly, then the article will start included.

site is down right

2, love Shanghai stop website content.


1, regular update site content

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