The search engine is how to determine the user access to the ranking of the long effect

website statistics?

?The final answer is

in the search results page click on the results, the behavior of users to search with a massive source of data analysis. For example, I search for "Shanghai dragon" in the search engine, it is my intention to learn the relevant knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

then the search engine how Statistics website user access time


second is the Shanghai dragon related information query tool, do not meet the actual needs of me, I’m not going to click on it.

we know that the website statistics almost all user access time rate statistics function, whether it is Google or love Shanghai have their own products website statistics. Then, the search engine is based on statistical data of their products as a basis for the analysis of user access time to compute the weights? The answer is negative, there is no website statistics can be threatened "all Internet sites are using my website statistics", obtained for this website statistics is one-sided that is difficult to apply to all sites, and the search engine itself is the site for all different search engines, determined the covering domain cannot use the products of its own website statistics data as the basis for the calculation of the weight of the website. However, do not rule out the search engine will use statistical product itself on the user access time for re inspection or auxiliary analysis processing.

the focus here, after the search results by clicking on the A, and return to the search results page click on another B search results, this time period is approximately equal to the user in the A site where the long visit results. In the analysis based on the premise of massive data, this result can be used.

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third is the Shanghai dragon training, I think for me, I will click into it, but I found that paid training, I just want to temporarily access to knowledge, there is no further professional training intention, then I will close the page back to the search results page, continue to look for the information I want to continue to click search results.

is the first love of Shanghai encyclopedia, I have the concept of Shanghai dragon with cognition, I’m not going to click on it.

why the general station even collected is very high, but the flow is still maintained at a low level? One is the semantic analysis of the search engine has reached a certain height, can identify the content quality to some extent, on the other hand is massive users will click through behavior tell search engines. Which page, which page is bad. This paper starts from the chapter on the blog (http>

algorithm in search engine rankings, Shanghai dragon, users pay more and more attention to experience factors, including web user access time is one of the factors. Then the search engine is how to Statistics website user access time

? With the continuous improvement of the

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