The site does not update the influence caused by the long time

website has stopped updating, love Shanghai also stop in the snapshot update time, the weight is not very high, is a new station, but not before the expiration of 3 months has stopped updating the content, which the love Shanghai snapshot stop, please see the website internal content analysis:

, a Shanghai love snapshot is not updated in a timely manner

website updated frequently, to love Shanghai snapshot update is helpful, if your site has not passed the love Shanghai review period, that is after the expiration of 3 months, has not been updated website content, the spider will rarely visit your website, when spiders crawl, always see the previous content. When deep grab it before the discovery of new content, the next time the spider would not be so frequent to grab your site snapshot will stop at the content you have to stop updating the snapshot of the day, the site updated more frequently, with the snapshot, and slowly it will cause the snapshot, but the love of Shanghai the website snapshot is not necessarily a good ranking Oh, love Shanghai more new snapshot on behalf of your website to grab more opportunities. Please see below:

> The

website is not updated for a long time, which is caused by adverse effects on the website, the website weight will decline, ranking will fall? Website not updated for a long time in the end will be what the problem? The site content is not updated, the search engine will not be punished? Then I’ll tell you what to say next the influence of the website:

two, the website weight reduced

if a website weight is again good, long time not update the content, the weight of the site will also occasionally drop, because the keywords you do too intense, ranking will decline, it will not suddenly fell to one hundred and eight thousand, as long as your site update, the weight and the restoration of the natural. The ranking will follow back, website weight is the long tail word there are many rankings, from search engines to flow more, then you don’t update, the target keyword is a law of the jungle, you long time not update, there must be a competitor beyond the past, in order to maintain a stable ranking to update the content, weight slowly continues to grow, or reduce the weight, the ranking will follow the decline. As long as the site weight is strong enough, the general will fall so a long time, but not one hundred percent of the site will appear so, most of the oh.

From the 2011-11-24


domain name website weight is not very good, the time is not very long, the site speed is a bit slow, is IXwebHosting space, everybody knows, maybe a website that is not updated frequently, also be the website speed, influence factors of Shanghai love snapshot is very simple, but no help to the ranking oh, only for those who love to exchange Links as reference useful oh.



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