To determine the site optimization direction changes from the love of Shanghai after each update

from two sites in my hand to analyze, that every day I have to update the original article site, keywords ranking one, the keywords in the station appeared in many times, that is to say the word is the theme of the site, and another keyword ranking dropped one, under the whole website a little weight words rise a little word down inside.

this update through the observation, the 9.23 morning update most web site are increased by 100 – 1000, this figure is only an approximate number, for reference. One of my site included the total increase of 100, the site every day to update the original article, and another site did not change, and all of a sudden today is made up of 405 pages, usually every day only included a dozen pages, also in the forum to see there are a lot of stationmaster didn’t say what beenincluded not what changes included increased greatly, it can be concluded that the content of the web site update related website how much and how much is included, see screenshot below:


so the future still have to pay attention to the content of the website optimization, website update becomes important, included increased the number of the corresponding chain will increase the weight of love Shanghai gives content continues to increase.

before writing this article I have observed two weeks, every time I would be in my hand to the overall situation of website analysis under the love of Shanghai after the update, your site can not explain many problems, I will go to the A5 forum to see how we say, carried out an update is in the early morning of 9.23 love Shanghai, in the forum you stand a lot of webmaster are updated in the Shanghai love of what changes, these posts I have carefully read, we should summarize some experience through these several love Shanghai update, I am not what Shanghai dragon master is on their own, only to do some analysis, I see from this update now to sum up the direction of the site after optimization, I believe that all theories are not Shanghai dragon love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, and there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Science Free debate will mislead the novice, the sign of this several times updated and summed up the law.

keywords ranking


this several times to update the same chain most website has increased considerably, probably due to construction of the chain are the usual didn’t put out, in this update to put out. I am a chain site yesterday updated less hundreds, another site did not change, many webmaster group is the chain increased, but also said the chain to reduce a lot, do not mean much in this respect, can only be said to exist outside the garbage reduction in the chain chain site today should pay attention to the construction of the chain method, avoid the construction of the chain such that each update reduction will directly affect the site weight fluctuations, so the chain of high quality high quality content will make the number outside the chain of your continued steady increase.


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