Through the optimization of Shanghai dragon life

on the layout of key wordsKeywords website optimization structure Have Shanghai Longfeng


first, we locate sites in Shanghai dragon

a month in the blink of an eye, I turned it on the basic understanding of Shanghai Longfeng novice webmaster from a smattering of Shanghai Longfeng rookie. This period also experienced a lot of things, learn new knowledge is not a surprise, his confusion. At the same time, through this period of time for the Shanghai dragon optimization study, Xiao Bian also has a lot of insights, such as small Shanghai dragon feel learning and life actually many places are similar, the following Xiaobian and share some feelings about small person! Hope to novice members of Shanghai dragon Er some help.

choose a good website, we can optimize the site next, if the site positioning is not accurate, even if the keyword layout again how good, so also does, the website will not in the search engine rankings are good. Similarly, we can put the life dreams and aspirations as keywords, positioning and life is.

We all know that

is the website content website can obtain the key factors of the website rankings. In general, the site most of the flow is to rely on the long tail keywords content page to get traffic. Especially in the love of Shanghai after the cancellation of the chain, the chain for the emperor’s brilliant past, the content of the quality, relevance, the original degree is more important. In life, the web content is similar to the individual life in learning knowledge. One aspect of a person to accept new knowledge.

Only the accurate positioning of

regardless of the site structure optimization or optimization of the site map, its purpose is to more conducive to search engine crawling, easier to site, so as to get more traffic, enhance the site’s ranking. And the website in life structure is equivalent to the starting point of life, the better the starting point, the equivalent of website structure optimization is better. From a certain point of view, the starting point is equivalent to the environment better, better, better access to resources, more conducive to learning and to obtain all kinds of data and information, and thus more likely to be successful. But the only difference between Shanghai and Phoenix optimization lies in: the structure of the site we can be changed, but the starting point of life can not be changed, can only be acquired through the efforts to change. This is us to say the following content of the website.


website layout is mainly "around a word", title tags, Keywords tag, description tag, content page, keywords. The reasonable layout is conducive to the website optimization, website is easier to get good rankings. We can take the title keywords as the life of the total target, the equivalent column page keywords life milestones, the content page keywords, equivalent to a certain period of a certain stage of life in the target. The rational distribution of keywords, is equal to the reasonable development of each stage and period target.

fourth, the content of the website

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