The core competence of website construction and optimization is the original

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a few days ago, the A5 issued a "pseudo Original: how many out of fantasy", analyzing why not rely on pseudo original final long-term successful website optimization. Won almost a considerable amount of praise and negative feedback, although know any original visible effect of a lot of people, but still not out of the pseudo original puzzle. And the original text on the line, but you need to write a topic of creativity, the quality of the content; the original is not just write on article can, need to persevere. So the original is not who can do down to, search engine and highly recognized, do what others do, then the original naturally became the core competitiveness of the website optimization.

from the search engines consider, you know the one and only original search engine is very important. The search engines crawl every day to retrieve the massive content information, but there are more than 80% of the information is repeated. Repeat such vast amounts of content retrieval, not only waste a lot of resources of search engines, because the snapshot cache is to send existing search engine server inside. But also greatly reduces the efficiency of the search engine, search than after all need a lot of time. More importantly, duplicate content is not conducive to the search engine user experience, if more updates the user from search engine cannot retrieve the information, for a long time, naturally slowly give up. The search engine users give up its potential revenues and profits will be added, so that a search engine will lose the foundation of survival and development.

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what is the core competitiveness? The core competitiveness is the competitors can not imitate, special ability can not go beyond the. For the website construction production and site optimization, if such a master of core competitiveness, "can not sleep without any anxiety"? Since the core competitiveness can not be exceeded, then gain the core competitiveness also need to pay more hard work. This is the original, high quality content in the content of the website and the importance of links in the construction has been widely recognized, Google love Shanghai two major search engine giant, through the algorithm to optimize, invariably pay more and more attention to the original content. A major update in two search engines before the contents of the original site, adhere to different degree is right.

, a high quality original content is the key to win the trust of the user and search engine

two, the original content and quality of soft Wen is

get links by writing high quality soft Wen, is a more effective approach, of course, the premise is the content quality, enough to cause the viewer interest, can stimulate the desire of. Of course, the choice of quality of the soft release platform is also crucial, similar to A5 Adsense nets this platform is recommended in the article to the home page, usually get a dozen or even hundreds of articles ranging from forwarding, since A4 allows embedded in the web site in the middle of clever, so the more the number of articles have been reproduced, the number of the chain is more. >

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