Share 23 website to solve the optimization problem of 90% dry cargo experience rank enterprise

12. add note plus keywords within the chain;

7. add content note with pictures and pictures of Alt attribute in

1. domain submission entrance

9. with the chain as far as possible the use of text links

22. the number of sites of products or services to more than 30 (personal experience, for reference only);

is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the dry cargo experience sharing, basically all is very important and needs to pay attention to the details, of course, also some of this did not give details of the operation, there are some optimization Shanghai Longfeng based friends see the following will understand in general not industry website, based on the following methods to operate + insist, can solve 90% website ranking problem, as for the optimization of key words, site architecture and layout, this did not say, also cannot say, today I just a summary of the essay under my own experience, I hope that friends can supplement and exchange; not much nonsense, please see dry cargo:

11. each page note plus related architecture column block version recommendation;

13. a 404 page Jump;

The initial

17. note web page page description;

16. path URL specification;

18. site outbound links please add nofollow tags;

20. space is not too bad, avoid opening quickly;

14. does not bring W domain name to do 301 to take the W domain;

2. site map

19. domain names are not too long or Chinese domain name;

0. web page key words on the note don’t stack, as far as possible not only contains about 3 words and can attract users click on this target;

21. optimization to keep updating the site, update can be the product can also be associated with the article, but pay attention to user needs;

10. each page can be set individually TITLE / title label

15. on the site to have bread night navigation path;

5. webmaster statistical tools, convenient adjustment and tracking;

4. online communication tools

8. Links do 30 to 50, try to use text links;

I hope that friends can leave you more valuable experience in the comments below dry cargo, improve these important fine.

3. robs protocol

6. note website code H1, the application of H2 label;

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