Teach you how to increase website user retention time

4, to the popular micro-blog message, wait for the traffic to

6, the video is reduced, need auxiliary software, please love Shanghai

comments: this approach the user bounce rate is very high, because the video is in love Shanghai cloud disk, the site just do a pedal, the need to increase the residence time of the user on the site of the page! The other, > need to consider when using this approach; > the net station of this traffic purpose? May not have what value. Jump out rate is high, basically to keep the user, when there is no publicity publicity, traffic will be very low

1. Hidden text or hidden links: join the search engine can be identified but users see text or links do not see in the page. Including the use of the same or very close to the background color and text or text links, ultra small text, text hidden layer, the bottom of the page under the excess content, abuse of image ALT and


8, before editing the accession to the flash, mainly in order to enter the site to watch in this station, in order to increase the residence time of


2, micro-blog search for "love the film, film and television resources Haiyun get and save them to your cloud disk,

2. Keywords: abuse of web page source code in a large accumulation of repetition of certain words, or adding popular keywords irrelevant web content.

made a website in the drainage way yesterday, although the site to bring 2215 independent IP views (PV) 2872, but the average user access time, but 01:12 can be judged to be garbage flows, nothing! The beginning of the independence of the website IP14, browse volume (PV) of 89, the average user long visit is about 10 minutes, the gap is large, can not be happy! After thinking that there is a way to increase the user’s residence time of the website, but the only way for film and television, video website types play a role.

; !Improved

3, on his website article, with love Shanghai cloud disk sharing links to

: increase the site residence time of

Haiyun users!

  when attracted so much traffic, a little worried website is not cheating, but see the relevant information to meet the conditions of cheating are the following:


3. Malicious link exchange: each other to create a large number of links pointing to each other in a web page.

4. Deceptive redirection, deceptive replacement web content deliberately a large number of links to a URL or domain name trick users into a jump and does not match the description.

7, uploaded to Youku getting the ".Swf" format

1, micro-blog search popular user preferences, determine the newly released version of the film needs relatively large

5, save to love movie download to the local

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