Modify the site title will affect the site ranking Shanghai Dragon

may answer a lot of time to modify the site title will be very tangled, especially the website ranking well, to change or not change shilly-shally. The author thinks that when modifying the site title is more conducive to business or when more conducive to the user experience, must immediately change. Of course modify site title also need to pay attention to some methods!

3. can not be frequently modified

before modifying the site title, we should consider whether it can better meet the needs of users modify the title after. Some website ranking, but there is no transformation, which need to be considered under the keyword meets the needs of users. Such as Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon optimization training costs, search Shanghai Longfeng people don’t necessarily want to learn Shanghai dragon people, and search Shanghai dragon training costs must be the one who want to learn Shanghai Longfeng people. Therefore, when modify the site title must also be considered to meet the needs of users, what the user needs to provide him with what, so your website ranking will be better and more stable.

1. theme


must be carefully considered before modification, decided to start again, do not feel bad after modification, and to modify the. Frequent change site title to the search engine is not friendly, like people do not have to play fast and loose the trust of others. Frequently modify site title is very easy to be right down, right down easily, lifting weight is not so simple, so do not frequently change the site title.

to modify the site title must be followed before the theme of the site to be relevant, such as you do Shanghai Longfeng website, then modify title is should be related with the Shanghai dragon word, but not into this station related words. If the website keywords with the website not related to the subject, the site may be K or drop right. From the new search engine will review your site audit date is about 1~3 months. If it is for the theme, the author think it is better to build a new fast!

to modify the site title on the website ranking would affect the author think it depends on whether the modification is more conducive to the user, if it is advantageous for the user, then your website ranking will only get better, on the contrary, the site is K or drop right is also reasonable.

2. user needs

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