Those things don’t have to worry about the Shanghai dragon every day

novice webmaster often have such a problem, every day from time to time will query the website ranking or keyword ranking. Shanghai dragon is a long-term process, the search engine will not every day to update your website ranking, only a week to update monthly big update time will affect the site’s ranking. Then a week after the update, decided this week the site keywords in Shanghai love position. So we don’t need to go to every day these statistical data. This will waste many time.

three, love Shanghai related domain (YAHOO anti chain)

Links for the weights of the website promotion plays a vital role. Especially some novice webmaster friends in exchange Links, will always pay attention to whether people get rid of their own links, so often see.

novice webmaster every day in the attention of the web site keywords ranking, flow also changes everything at the site concerned. When traffic soared, will be very happy can’t sleep sleep, but if the flow will decrease sharply, with deep hatred and resentment. Web site keywords ranking directly determines the site traffic, as long as we do the former, it’s not necessary to view the site traffic statistics.

, keyword ranking

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in fact, even if others will remove your Links, then love Shanghai time is needed for the statistical Links weight, so we don’t need to once a day or several times to inquire, once weekly statistics.

novice webmaster or just contact Shanghai dragon friends, often very concerned about the flow changes the site keywords ranking, website. However, Shanghai dragon is a very complicated and busy work, especially the novice webmaster friends will increasingly feel powerless, so this time we should give their work pressure. Every day omit unnecessary things, our work will reduce the number of.

In addition to Summary: Shanghai dragon

optimization is a long process and adhere to, even every day all the data on the website of the statistics, the website will not change, so we can only make a disappointment. We should do a good job in every detail of the optimization, this will make the website "change".

two, website traffic

As everyone knows

four, Links

This article by

when we issued a soft Wen (post) or reply to a post, the changes will often go to see love Shanghai related domain changes or YAHOO link immediately. In fact, love is all need time to Shanghai for statistical correlation domain or YAHOO foreign chain, as long as we do the content of this article, and release. That included is sooner or later, so we don’t need to pay attention to love Shanghai related field or YAHOO chain changes.

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