The site of the premise and foundation of Shanghai Dragon

third, the choice of the program, someone asked me a question, why do I always go on the forum ranking, I see, in front of all WordPress forum program construction site, and this industry is very fierce. Forum for the optimization, basically only the inside pages optimization, in their own characteristics,; forum Shanghai dragon is impossible to surpass WordPress and some portal. The forum is the biggest advantage lies in the interaction, you want to make a big traffic station "

second points, this is actually the most basic point, if you do not, do not talk to the Shanghai dragon, that is for the positioning of the site, I saw a portal, while out of a moving plate, a plate out of a bath, a English website is a good piece of board,, the interface is very beautiful, but the absolute flow station but, why, your scope is too broad, involving the industry is too broad, you want to in such a station to optimize a keyword, there is no way to accumulate enough weight, a ranking do not up. Remember, the president of sina YAHOO is not personal webmaster, you do not have enough energy to do too much, you have to do is, on the one hand to do fine. For example, a personal webmaster do the English keywords, all kinds of English materials are get together, so the result is that each data ranking is not good, but if you do the English station, only for a data, such as the "new concept English" to do, the small branches do fine, small this branch of the rankings do up so often bring more traffic, and target users more clearly, the electronic commerce is also very good to do.

before entering the topic, give you a false judgment of Shanghai Longfeng method, that is when you do a keyword in the requirements, a real dragon in Shanghai before the order, ask you to all the relevant information about your industry, and then make a decision whether to do this. The fake, oh, come on and offer you directly. Why do you say so, the premise of Shanghai dragon is a lot of data, if your site only a few data, want to go beyond an industry with hundreds of data sites, it is not possible. So the ninety percent off real Shanghai dragon first is to determine whether a station can get enough amount of data, if there is no amount of data, and other industry website data is too much difference, so the optimization, don’t do, we’ve seen a single page optimization, now, long time no see the search engine, because the amount of data is more and more attention.

is the first thing I want to say, a site, there is not enough data to do Shanghai Longfeng, optimization of the core keywords is not possible, as the core keywords, webmaster want to reserve enough amount of data, of course, if you do the long tail would not require too much data. See the page on the line quality.

summary, the second is that individual stations, second premises of Shanghai Longfeng is that your website is a small, specialized website.

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