The original copy to the competitors included how to do


as soon as possible?

from the Yancheng electric heating tube 贵族宝贝ycstdg贵族宝贝 in A5 first, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

we all know, some weight high website included more quickly, such as A5. You may be in the article just finished, to Shanghai to search for love has to be collected. But we as the webmaster, hand some of course is their own business station, some new sites, weight is not very high, included naturally slow. How to change this? How to attract A5 spider to your own website. A5 soft zone is very good, can send some articles in it, certainly is the content of the enterprise. You can bring some anchor text through the anchor text to attract spiders, many people know this, are doing it too. But in this webmaster have tried to break through, let your website collect the article inside Shanghai love again accurate and fast. In order to avoid competing sites high weight, copies of your site articles were included, considered his website original article is possible.

fast test included in figure

through the experiment: first an article on their corporate website, after A5 soft zone again this article. The contents of the same title, again add the title, the title of the anchor text links directly to this news to your business links. By testing is the most feasible, the search will show love Shanghai Title: ranked first is A5, then the enterprise news included. But also found that some enterprises only included A5 not included in the news page now. We will continue to explore.


as a just entered the Shanghai dragon staff, mainly to do some optimization Website release some original articles and the chain, to the site after the keyword is stable again started deliberately. Most should be from the process. But in the release estimates that many webmaster is some headaches, spent nearly one or two hours to write the article but competitors to copy and increase the anchor text or pure link to his website, and was included in Shanghai love. While their website article has not been included in Shanghai love. In the face of such an embarrassing situation, how do we face? A lot of the time we see some page set to prohibit the right key is to prevent some people to reproduction, but if the other party to be forced to copy you have no way, can only reduce the other malicious copy speed. How to write original articles included

said that the experiment is feasible. Through the A5 can attract spiders to crawl the relatively low weight site inside the. The article pointed out that there are no errors, welcome Paizhuan! As long as the younger brother, are very happy to accept the improvement. Thanks also to A5 and A5 in the support given to you.

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