The target keywords with the core keywords in the end what is the difference

Before  I’ll give you an example of

has a few friends asked me, what is the difference between the target keywords with core keywords. They always don’t know, but in general they are not out of the relationship, close together.

in the keyword optimization, the target keywords with core keywords conversion rate is very high, to look up the customer’s point of view, in many respects, such as: the customer needs the product, we must first consider what factors, we should focus on thinking, so as to draw a very high quality with valuable keywords, can companies or individuals to create value and wealth.

: the author summarizes Shanghai dragon is a long-term thing, only to practice their own, only to learn, persevere, will be successful. Let us grow together. Welcome to exchange!


. Is a mechanical manufacturing company, XX machinery, but this is still the core goal of certain models. Similarly, for example, a military base, without a core, who command, it is actually the core keywords The whole army was wiped out.? Already contains target keywords in there, so mechanical is the core keywords, but also push the target keywords. That is what the long tail keywords, keywords expansion in the foundation, such as "regional + product name, product name or region + +…… etc., these is selected on the inside, when the target keywords main push, do what it should have a difference. I believe you can get it

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