Hawke look at the construction of the chain in the chain as king portal

said that "in the chain is king, the chain for emperor", but as a network optimization operation, and how to build a huge internal chain? My personal experience is learning and imitation, a long time, the author developed a browse web portal long-term habits, such as NetEase, Sina, Sohu, right. The Tencent is not. Shanghai Longfeng words did not appear before the world of chaos, inclusion during the dotcom bubble, continue to impact the Internet world. This time, in order to effectively enhance the website data, news portal product managers to set up a large number of reading section in all pages, mainly in the form of a specific list of articles, we all know, is the title and link. Perhaps the owners saw the two words after the link, you understand, right, this is the prototype of the chain, only then not within the chain this noun.

two, and combined with the special column page. Such as Sina portals, channel and column page is very important, on the one hand can be subdivided into a number of categories of web content, on the other hand can make a website more depth. But the channel page and column page the majority in the 5 screen above, to accommodate the vast amount of information, the information link, will undoubtedly greatly increase the weight of the content page and the content page, in turn to page and each channel page, the net structure of the chain, this construction is completed. At the same time, the website editor also timely to focus events for special reports, strengthened the construction of the chain, the focus of event related content so that to occupy the forefront of the search engine is difficult.

three, a high update rate increase ZhengZhan weight. When the portal site has a high weight, in order to put the radiation to the various page page weight, not only home to set the relevant column key words and links, and the formulation of strict editing norms, to improve website update rate. Through constantly updated, as many as possible to the content page has appeared in the home page.


with the development of the Internet industry, the major search engines to search link ranking rules has been more systematic and standardized, the concept of network optimization and operation, gradually clear up. In the meantime, I pay attention to the importance of the chain can be said that the search engine especially love Shanghai for optimizing the rules should be based on the analysis of the portal site on the portal site, after all is really leading the development of the industry pioneer.

, the construction of the chain from the beginning of the content page. The content of the page, the portal, is the news page. We wish to open a news page, sina贵族宝贝.cn first, the navigation area is the inner chain, before the second, news page on the right and bottom news recommended reading program, but that a large inner chain system. In addition, don’t ignore the news neiwenli links, especially the key link, it is the inner chain. However, the personal dislike sina贵族宝贝.cn text links, a few years ago is the blog link, the last two years is micro-blog’s links, cheating ah, this can attract a few clicks? Haha, way, way.

so, the chain portal is how to build the

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