360 search open free website authentication hit love Shanghai brand promotion


but love Shanghai to dig their own interests, the real user experience regardless of this, so some do brand promotion of some well-known enterprises will appear some funny things, for example, had appeared like a funny search is actually appeared in front of the McDonald’s KFC, Dangdang search can give you the appearance of amazon. They also ad write very cow? Why go to dangdang贵族宝贝 Amazon today, shipping or discount what, originally should belong to dangdang贵族宝贝 to attract users to go to the amazon. Naked people to shop in front of people, so the majority of enterprises in order to avoid this situation can only be helpless buy love Shanghai brand promotion.

love Shanghai that you have to say evil ah, this is also an important way to make love in Shanghai. You can not imagine, there are currently three search in the search engine, search products and QA search and navigation search. But let us surprise navigation search is more than the first two search volume to a large number of. I believe this brand promotion business can bring huge profits for the love of Shanghai every year, some time ago love Shanghai launched sitelink this function, but it didn’t take long for the abolition of the estimates may be due to the conflict with Shanghai love brand promotion. I love Shanghai cancel this function, in fact, now the mainstream search engines are to support the function of sitelink, Google, Sogou, 360 search is supported, and only Chinese search giant love Shanghai does not support, what specific reason you can guess.

new year 360 moves frequently, the oath and love Shanghai compete to report that 3721 of revenge. The legend of love will Shanghai Jinshan shares, hit the 360 yard to. In 2013 360 is what the open access platform and vertical platform, improve their products, 360 are pushed out. Recently launched a free website certification for this fact is whether the three party profit good for the user or website and search engine itself. I think this love Shanghai does not know, but why not launch, because I think there is only one, that is its brand promotion. It is said that the Jingdong for their own brands to spend ten million words so I love Shanghai, Jingdong is the official website when the user in the search of the Jingdong, which should give me a row on the home page.

360 search open free website authentication can be said that this is a direct response to love Shanghai brand launch, in fact in the 360 to Chinese search market is a very strong role in promoting, such as filing certification, now Sogou also follow up, such as some special words for users that firmly do medical advertising etc.. I believe the official free certification by the introduction of some other search engines will follow, and believe in the love of Shanghai is not expected to follow up, because these businesses which itself conflict. More important is the leader can not imitate followers. In fact, the breakdown of several 360 innovation or with the love of Shanghai personally feel pretty good play competition, but still not.

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