Analysis the future should open the coexistence of search two

search is very different from the previous search indeed, making maximum subversion is the ordinary users can participate in the search results, can make the results more real-time and personalized search, to meet the increasingly diverse needs. Only the users themselves to better understand the needs of users, so the majority of Internet users in the wisdom and strength, is really will make search results more diverse, more close to the needs of users.

found a "Shanghai housing", in the search is a search may display the latest rental information and recommendations, such as for micro-blog, the latest generation of web pages for real-time and personalized content, but love Shanghai may show is several authoritative rental websites such as live off, found room net, and then by the user to enter the site for more detailed vertical search. The former due to technical limitations, it is difficult to a >

For example,

open and sharing Internet is the eternal theme, is the trend of the development of the Internet China. Open is driven by the participation of Internet users to share demand, driven by social relations. The future of the Internet belongs to ordinary users, as more and more users are accustomed to more activities move online, if meet with the needs of sharing can not participate, it will be a pool of stagnant water situation.

micro-blog, WeChat can become a star class application, because it caters to the trend of opening and sharing. Now, web’s search is also conform to this trend based on the integration of more open elements. Strive to "personalized recommendation + real-time search direction.

in the search is a search open search, data units are more likely to ", is given directly with the corresponding single page keywords, this page is the most able to meet the needs of users, can realize the search that proceeds from the. But for developers to open, the data unit is a website or application, the search results tend to list the related website or application of entrance, and then by the users themselves for a more thorough excavation.


is open to users is certainly the highest current voice, as a typical representative of the current micro-blog is this open. Because of the Internet open, can make the Internet users become massive information producers, make the Internet information to better meet the needs of users. But the Internet also need an open, that is open to developers. This is not threatened because of the popularity of open Internet users open, because it also implies a huge demand, that is vertical search. The love of Shanghai is a typical representative of this field.

Open search

search CEO Chen Pei launched in October 2011 open search, according to him this person, this is completely different from the third generation of search, will subvert the love Shanghai, Google and other two generation search. In this search has attracted everyone’s attention, it seems there will be no small movements in the search field.

so, the concept of open search is not really able to subvert the traditional search for love in Shanghai? It is difficult to


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